Friday, March 05, 2010

Movie Reviews! Brooklyn's Finest, She's Out of My League, City Island

The boy and I checked out a couple of movie screenings this week. First up, Brooklyn's Finest.
Very intense movie, a lot of violence and foul language, but if you can get beyond that, a very good movie. Don Cheadle is by far one of my favorite actors. For some reason his performances always stick with me. Ethan Hawke  was equally amazing. It is a longer film, 2 hours, and it moves at a slower, steady pace, but definitely worth seeing. 

We saw the screening at a new theater that recently opened near us. It was such a treat because first of all when we got to the theater for the screening, instead of waiting in line for the show, we were able to turn our passes in and then choose our assigned seats! What a great feature. The boy and I tend to really sit in about the same area every time, so we thought this would be great if every movie theater had this! After we had our tickets with our assigned seats (there were six of us) we were told that we could hang out and wait in their lounge bar area (what??? I wish that my camera battery would have been charged, next time I will definitely take pictures!). So we headed upstairs to check it out. It was so cool, great seating area, wonderful menu (including some pretty good wines) and just a really neat vibe overall. We will definitely be back, they have a great meat and cheese platter on the menu!

Last night, we decided to see She's Out of My League.  

We knew it would be kind of silly, but we figured what the heck. We actually kind of enjoyed it. There were definitely some disturbing scenes (men being groomed in unmentionable areas) but overall a very cute fun romantic comedy. One of the most surprising aspects of the movie was one of the lead characters, Molly, played by Alice Eve. Both the boy and I thought she could very easily be compared to a younger Reese Whitherspoon, who I just adore. She also has a role in the upcoming SATC 2. Her wardrobe in this movie was fantastic too! What do you think, can you see a little Reese in her? Throughout the movie she had that kind of preppy, classic style that I just love. And her condo, in downtown Pittsburgh, where the film takes place, is SO GORGEOUS! I did a lot of ooohhing and ahhhhing! If you want a fun, laugh out loud comedy, go check this out.

Last week we also saw City Island.  I went to college not far from City Island, and not only did I have friends whose parents had boats at marinas there, but they also have some of the best seafood I have ever eaten. It is a quaint little area, not far from Orchard Beach and Arthur Ave in the Bronx. I always enjoyed City Island when I lived out East, so the scenery in the movie really took me back (and made me homesick) to some great memories. 

This was also another surprise hit for us. We really enjoyed the cast, I can't remember the last time I saw Julianna Margulies in anything and I have always enjoyed Andy Garcia. Andy Garcia's daughter is also in the film, and plays his daughter. The story line is funny, intriguing and takes me back to go home with friends of mine from college for their big Sunday dinner! This is another great date film with a little bit more of a true story line than She's Out of My League. 

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