Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mink Night III

If you have been following my blog for the past couple of years, you may have read previous Mink Night re-caps (or what we can recall from them!). This years Mink Night did not disappoint. Every year the group of girls seems to get larger and larger, and we seem to have more and more fun! This is the one last hurrah for our furs for the winter. Most of us have had our furs passed down to us from Grandmother's, mother's and friends who have just relocated to warmer climates. Not one of us has actually purchased or had their fur purchased for them. However, if you live in the northern part of the midwest like we do, you also come to understand what a bonus it is to have one of these coats because you really need one here. So one last outing before going into climate controlled storage for the winter (a girls gotta take care of her fur!).

It was actually quite warm this year, so a few of us just donned mink wraps, I was one of them! We started our evening around 4:30, the boy and I picking up my friend B and then heading to C's where we met up with J. After starting off with a nice glass of wine, C's boyfriend drove us over to L's where the festivities began and the limo picked us up. We all brought wine, champagne and appetizers to share. We had quite the spread.
And quite the group of girls!

From there we hit up our usual first stop of the night, The Lexington, a landmark in St. Paul
The it was off to Mancini's for some dancing, but of course we had supplies for our drive along the way
Mancini's was so much fun, we literally took over the dance floor!
Of course there were moments where we needed a breather and a quick sip of a cocktail, or needed to take turns guarding the furs and catch up with one anther too.
As always, it was a night to remember and so much fun! The night goes by SO fast, we have the limo from 7 to 11, but I swear it feels like 15 minutes. I think we all look forward to this night so much, then of course we over do it a bit, I think most of us were in rough shape Sunday, and it was SO nice here, but it was so worth it for such a fantastic evening out with such wonderful girls!

Chin Chin ladies!

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Preppy in Pink said...

LOOKS LIKE GREAT FUN! Wish I could have joined in :)