Friday, March 19, 2010

Projects and Spring Cleaning! Office and Guest Room!

I am SO excited for this weekend!!! The boy and I are going to work on a big project! Truth be told, we have TOTALLY outgrown my place, but there has not been a ton on the market in my neighborhood (in my price range) that I have wanted to look at. And the boy has his house in the Northern Suburbs, so even though we spend every night (and days when we have them) here at my house, the boy keeps saying how much he loves living where he does, and I hate the suburbs, but LOVE where I live. SO, when I look at things, I have to look for me, because I don't think we are ever going to "live" together at this point, which seems silly, but at the same time, I would never force the boy to do something that would make him unhappy. I have seen that happen with his brother and that is just not the person that I want to be. But at the same time, this means that I probably won't be able to afford anything BIG enough for both of us and we just have to make do.

One of the things that we have been working on is purging and getting rid of stuff. I have a lot of shoes. . . but we are going to be having a tag sale in the spring too. 

To start off, I have decided to move my office into the guest room. It is a bigger room and we don't have that many guests, so this room usually just gets stuff dumped into it. I think that having my office in here will lend itself to a room that is much more utilized.

The nice thing about finding great deals on furniture at estate sales, thrift stores, auctions and craigslist is that they always have something that I like, it is not expensive to swap out or change up pieces on a whim, and if your style changes or you want to freshen up a room or two, you don't have to invest a lot. I am on a mission at the moment to do just that with quite a few rooms.

My inspiration started here with the Pink Preppy Lilly Lover, Trish!
I absolutely love this room! And while I know my room won't look exactly like this when I am done, I am going to do my best to try to complete the room with something that is more workable.

Here is what I have found so far for the transformation. Now, please keep in mind all of the items are before pictures and are projects that will be transformed!

The boy and I found both of these chairs at the Salvation Army (thrift store) last March and he bought them for me for my birthday. $25 for both chairs.

Here is my inspiration chair
I am thinking a coat of white paint for my chairs and some new fabric, something like this (these are all Amy Butler designs, which one do you like best?)

This is the credenza that I found on Craigslist for $120
Imagine it with a nice new coat of white paint and some new drawer pulls. I love the details and think that it will go nicely with the chairs.

The same woman also had some different mirrors that I thought would look good with it, but I couldn't decide which ones, again, imagine them a nice crisp white. 


All of them are just a little bit different, what do you think? II went with the ones in the middle

I also saw this table at Country Living, what do you think for my printer maybe?

She also had this piece, which I thought was really nice, and kind of the look that I was going for, but I also thought it might be too big and over powering for the room. 
I also picked up some new accessories. I will take some pictures as we go along this weekend so that you can see a before and after, I am SO excited to get this done though!

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Preppy in Pink said...

Cute Cute Cute, good luck this weekend! I think I have that same pink fabric that's in your garage shot ;)