Sunday, January 03, 2010

Movie Reviews!

So having a few days off this past weekend, the boy and I decided to take in some movies. We started off just over a week ago with "It's Complicated".

We really enjoyed this movie and recommended this to both sets of our parents. It was super funny, had a great story, and we both actually liked it more than we had anticipated.

Next up was "Up in the Air".

We are trying to get through all of the movies that have been nominated for Golden Globes with the anticipation that they will also be nominated for the Oscars. After the last George Clooney movie that we saw, "Men Who Stare at Goats" I wasn't signing up for another George Clooney movie. We were pleasantly surprised by this one though. A few observations, the recent college grad, yes, unfortunately, I think that her character is pretty true to form, I personally think they need a wake up call. His "girlfriend" saw that one coming. And his job, over all? Well, lets just say he deserves every perk he gets.

Friday was a double-header, and we saw Sherlock Holmes right after. Robert Downey Jr. is one of my top three male actors at the moment.

I was a little disappointed in the story and the way that they depict Sherlock in the film, but I did love both Downey and Jude Law. Dark, but it had some great funny parts! I would say a must see.

Saturday, another double-header which started off with "Avatar" at the Imax in 3-D. The only way to see it if you ask me.

This was a surprise for me. I didn't think that I would really like it that much, but I was being a good sport. I am not big into the whole sci-fi thing, but this was an incredible movie. A great movie for really just about anyone. When I was watching it, I was thinking that both of my nephews would love it, but I know my dad would really like it as well. The graphics were amazing, it was such a cool story, I can't say enough!

Part two of the double header was "Nine". I have seen all of the reviews and interviews with the stars and was really excited for this one.
Kate Hudson Sings!

I loved the singing and dancing, the scenery the whole thing. We talked about this one quite a bit, which makes me think we really liked it! I really want the sound track. Hmmm, okay, off to download it now!

Few more on the list still to see, but with the weather not really getting above zero this weekend, it was a great thing to do!

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