Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Movie Review! Crazy Heart!

I was going to wait to post my movie reviews for the week until Friday due to the fact that we are seeing so many this week, but I just have to tell you about "Crazy Heart".

Definitely my favorite movie of 2009 and if Jeff Bridges does not win an Oscar for his performance I am going to be very surprised. Like "Wrestler" of 2008, it is the down and out story of a drunken, chain smoking, 57 year old country singer who has seen better days. This is a star studded cast with many surprises and I don't want to ruin any of them for you. Maggie Gyllenhaal was wonderful, and being a native Minnesotan, the gentleman who ran the screening went to HS with her and was in an 11th grade HS production with her, so it was fun to have that personal anecdote on top of it.

We were lucky enough to have Scott Cooper, the writer/director/producer on site to introduce the movie and for a post movie Q & A which was so much fun. He had some great stories about the actors and making the movie. Keep in mind if you see it, $7 million budget, 24 days of shooting, 3 states. He told us about some of the scenes that wound up on the cutting room floor as well as shooting some of the bigger scenes, the cinematography which was beautiful as well as the award winning soundtrack and the process of making it.

If you get a chance to see it, please do, it is definitely worth not only the money for the ticket, but also your time. What a great story, wonderful acting and if you like old school country music that tells a story, then you will love the music as well.


Landlocked Mermaid said...

ooh!! I just saw the preview for this last week and definately want to see it!! I said the exact same thing to my husband about it being like the wrestler a movie I LOOOVE xo

Jill said...

Though I have yet to see the movie, we are super excited about it at our house. Scott Cooper has been friends with my husband for years and we are so excited his directorial debute is doing so well. So far I think Jeff Bridges is 3 for 3 with the awards, right? Fingers {and toes} crossed for Oscar!