Monday, January 11, 2010

Meal Plan Monday!

Really kind of a boring week here. Last week was full of doctors appointments and pain as they are still trying to diagnose what might be wrong with my arm and shoulder, but it looks as though we may be a step closer. After an MRI last week, it appears as though I have a labral tear which will most likely require surgery. I am meeting with the surgeon Wednesday to get more details. Relief from the pain would be nice at this point. So, this week is again about just taking it easy and limiting any kind of movement. That being said, it really depends on how I feel by the end of the night if I am up to cooking anything. I will have to plan more crock pot meals.

We have movie screenings planned for pretty much every night this week. We took in "500 Days of Summer" which is nominated for Best Picture as well as Best Actor for the Golden Globes. We were pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed it. The boy actually watched it twice due to the fact that the first time we went to watch it Sunday afternoon, I fell asleep (the pain gets the best of me most days and I need a nap) so we took it to the boys parents house for dinner Sunday night and watched it with them. Cute movie though.

Dinner - Leftovers
Plans - Doctor, "Crazy Heart" Screening

Dinner - Maggianos which is closing later this month
Plans - "The Lovely Bones" Screening

Dinner - Macaroni and Cheese, the boy has been craving it, I think I am going to try a new recipe which I will post later this week.
Plans - "Extraordinary Measures" Screening

Dinner - PF Changs
Plans - "The Book of Eli" Screening

Dinner - Salmon (not sure which recipe I am going to use yet)
Plans - Most likely staying in with a movie, we still have not seen "Inglorious Bastards" and that is coming from Netflix in the next day or so.

Dinner - Buca with my sister and her husband
Plans - Out with my sister and her husband, a Christmas gift, looking forward to it!

Brunch - Menu to be posted
Plans - It is the boys dad's birthday as well as the first Vikings play-off game so we are having them over for brunch.

Hope you are all having a good January! I wish I was more organized, unfortunately with limited mobility it makes it hard.

If you are looking for more recipes, great menus as well as some great cost saving ideas, check out Orgjunkie.

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Jacky Hackett said...

Love the movie 500 Days of Summer. And the set too of course, a high school friend designed it.