Monday, December 14, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

Super busy, but very fun weekend. We hosted our annual holiday party which was a ton of fun, follow up post to come!

Here is what is up for this week!

Dinner - Lamb chops, asparagus, rice
Plans - Finish holiday cards

Dinner - Beef Roast in crock pot (did not do the spicy beef last week, so this is also an option)
Plans - Get ready for wine event

Dinner - Catered from Kowalski's
Plans - Holiday wine event

Dinner - Leftovers
Plans - Shop for Friday and Saturday dinners

Dinner - Crown Roast of Pork (this is the plan at the moment), Potato Spinach Casserole, a salad yet to be decided and a dessert, which may just be chocolate truffles and raspberries with a little ice cream
Plans - our parents for a holiday dinner

Dinner - TBD
Plans - friends for dinner. Two couples. . . .still working on the menu!

SUPER busy week with a tada list a mile long. My friend J sent this site to me last week and I also started using Cozi as well. I love using One Note to keep my weeks organized, but I find that I really do need an online, interactive organizer to really keep things straight. We have a google calendar, which is great, because then the boy can see what is going on as well. But, I find that I have shopping lists for different stores throughout the week as well as lists of things that need to get done. I use One Note on my personal laptop, but I hate carting it back and forth to work with me (carry two laptops everyday can be a huge pain in the shoulder!). I wish that MS Office had a web front end for One Note. I use their Live Spaces for other things, but One Note is just my favorite when it comes to keeping my life in general organized.

For other meal plans and recipes, check out the Orgjunkie!

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Bridget said...

Great list and site suggestions. I use tada too but the teux deux looks awesome. I'm not familiar with cozi so I am looking forward to checking that out too! thanks :)