Monday, December 21, 2009

Meal Plan Monday!

Here it is Monday again, did a whole week already go by? And I had good intentions of doing a couple of posts, it didn't happen of course, but maybe this week? I have a tear in my rotator cuff and have been in a TON of pain and just trying to deal with it. I am going for a orthopedic surgical consult tomorrow. We will see what happens there.

Of course I am terribly excited about this week and all of the festivities. Lots of plans of course. Lots of meal plans too!

Dinner - Biaggi's (I think)
Plans - It's Complicated screening with friends

Dinner - Leftovers
Plans - Wrapping and getting ready for Thursday

Dinner - Take and Bake Pizza from Homemade Pizza Co.
Plans - Repeat of Tuesday


Dinner - Mom makes chicken and wild rice soup, I am making a tomato bisque, as well as a ton of appetizers and munchie food and treats!
Plans - For the first time ever, we are changing holiday tradition and the boy and I will be hosting Christmas Eve. He has to work unfortunately, but my parents as well as my sister and her family will be coming over for presents, dinner and church. Looking forward to forging new traditions.  My sister and I decided this would be easier on my parents due to the fact that they are leaving the day after Christmas for AZ. So with the clean up and leftover food, this should make things a bit easier on them. I bought Christmas crackers, the kids have never done them, but I told them about them and that is the one thing they are really excited about!

Dinner -
Plans - Christmas morning and breakfast at my sisters to go through our stockings (another new tradition) and then Christmas day at the boys.

Dinner - either veal or beef tenderloin, we are still finalizing the menu.
Plans - Celebrate Christmas with the boy. We have been doing this every year, we like to celebrate after things have calmed down so that we can relax and exchange gifts with one another and not be rushed.

Dinner - Not sure yet
Plans - We have a ton of movies to catch up on, so I am hoping to take in a BUNCH!

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