Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Things I am Digging! DownEast Basics!

I am not sure if I have ever mentioned DownEast Basics, but I came across them this past spring via another bloggers blog, sorry, can't remember whose, but I fell in love with their stuff! I have placed 4 orders since then, and I have been more than pleased with every item. I love color and I get bored wearing just basics, however, DownEast Basics, gives me so many more options when it comes to color! Their skirts and dresses have awesome patterns and colors, and it is great that I can just add a simple top or jacked with a skirt and during the summer a pair of sandals, and now that the fall is here, a pair of ballet flats or a pair of knee boots are paired perfectly with both their skirts and dresses.

I am wearing this dress today, with a long sleeved green tee and a pair of patent gray ballet flats. It is dreary, cold and rainy here, but throwing on a little color like this always makes me feel better! I also love that they name their items, this is the Wonderful World Dress, isn't that great? Their skirts and dresses are also lined for the most part, and their prices are phenomenal!
Here are some of the other items I have picked up for the fall, I don't have a store near me, but if you do and have been to one, I would love to know more about it! If I ever get out West at all, I will definitely be stopping by!

Detail Oriented Skirt in a basic black (for someone with OCD, details are important), super cute with just a white long sleeve tee, jean jacket and black ballet flats.
Night Owl Skirt, since I am a morning person, I guess I am living vicariously through my skirt?
The One and Only skirt, LOVE the pink in this
Summary Skirt, I LOVE this one, I have actually worn this TWICE already! Love the colors in this, I wore it with a brown ribbed turtleneck and brown knee boots once and with an orange cable crew and brown ballet flats another day. I love the brown little pettiskirt under this!
Feelin Fall '09, I guess I am feelin a little fall, I also got an indigo top to wear with this, but I just love how I can change this up wearing all kinds of different colors!
Mod & Marvelous. I am not sure how Mod I am, but I think I can do it up a little Mod with this skirt. I have a great green RL sweater that I thought would look great with this!
Serendipity Dress. I just love the word Serendipity. But I also love these two colors together, I would love to do my bedroom in these colors, but I just have not taken the leap. I wonder if I can get the boy to go there. . . .
Fall Floral Fixation Skirt. Again with the pettiskirt, LOVE that. I have a cashmere sweater in that melon color and I just thought it would be something fun to pair with it.
Fancy Schmancy Dress. Oh, I think I will feel a little fancy schmancy in this dress, LOVE these colors. I have a pink scarf that would be perfect with this, with a gray long sleeve tee under it?
WOW, Look at all that color! And for fall and winter? Someone asked me a while back, what does your fall and winter wardrobe look like, do you wear as much color then as you do during the spring and summer? I love to wear color, and while Lilly does give me quite a bit of that, this provides another great option! Check them out though, they have a blog too!


Unknown said...

I love Down East Basics too! I got the most amazing swimsuit from them last year. They always have pretty dresses and skirts too. Oh and best thing: cheapo!!

KathleenKMM said...

This stuff is all so cute - is it true to size?