Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October Decorations - HELP!

So Miss Lisagh over at the Grosgrain Garage, in all of her craftiness crafty glory, posted her lovely fall decorations the other day. I have been wanting to get my stuff out for a while now, and last night decided to forgo HH and stay home, watch the Twins game (they lost at night, but won during the day) and get some stuff done. I am still probably only about 1/3 of the way done and could really use some input.

I am decorating with a Halloween theme for October and then will switch everything out on November 1st for a more autumnal theme. I am hosting a JLM neighborhood meeting October 13th and then a JLM committee meeting November 3rd and most of the same girls will be there for both, so I would like to change things up a bit. I am also planning a few dinners as well with friends and family.

I have not bought pumpkins yet, but plan on doing that this weekend. Here is what I have so far,
The Front Storm Door -
The Front Stairs -(please ignore their terrible condition, they should be repaired!)
This little lady dances on the front door -
This sign hangs on the door to the coat closet in the entryway - (if you know me, and know the relationship I have with my sister, hopefully you will see the humor in it. I bought it when I was with my mom and laughed really hard, my mother, did not find it as funny as I did :))
Hanging in the back hallway outside the bathroom -
The table in the entryway as you walk in -
I love this little candle and it smells like licorice -
The table, so far anyway, I could really use some help or suggestions with a centerpiece -
I am thinking of this?
I also would love some suggestions for the fireplace mantle!

Hoping to get this finished on Saturday!

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lisagh said...

That sign is so hilarious (Wizard of Oz reference). I love your proposed centrepiece!!!