Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Book Review - Choosing Happiness - Keys to a Joyful Life - Alexandra Stoddard

I am a big fan of Alexandra Stoddard, I have been for a number of years. I picked this up over the weekend, and didn't put it down.

I love some of the advice and quotes, here are some of my favorites.

Clothes: day and night
"Clothes have a profound effect on our mood and spirit. When we select our clothes with care and an eye to enriching our personal sense of style, what we choose to wear is an enhancement of every day."

I think this is so true. I love to wear color, hence my fondness for anything Lilly. I can actually feel a difference in my mood and the way I carry myself when I wear something that has a lot of color and style. I heard a teacher talking about back to school and how all of the kids on the first day of school come in dressed in all of their new clothes and shoes. Why is that? And why have we been doing that since we were very young? My thought is that we wear our best outfit on the first day to assert our sense of pride and accomplishment.

I work with very very few women, which can prove to be challenging, especially when it comes to attire. I often get comments from the men that I work with, like, "I don't know how you can walk in those shoes" "do you ever wear the same thing twice?" and others. The few (total of 12 out of 328, in my office 7 out of 209) women in my office, don't seem to take a great deal of pride in their appearance and not only do they not wear make-up or do their hair, but they typically will wear tee shirts, khakis and what I call chunky or thick shoes, never a pointy toed heel. Fridays are always jeans for them. And while we do work in a business casual environment, I do not believe that a Friday is any different than any other day of the week when it comes to work, so I do not get the whole jeans on Fridays drill. I also have always been taught, "dress for the job you want, not the one you have". I take my time to plan out my outfits every day, right down to my accessories and pocketbooks.

Here is today's outfit -

Outfit of the Day 1

There are some great quotes and lessons in this book, if you have a chance, pick it up, I highly recommend it!

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