Friday, July 31, 2009

Mixed Emotions

I have been on a roller coaster the past couple of days. I know that part of it has to do with the fact that I just not really myself at the moment (if you are female then you most likely know what I mean). But there is another part of me, the part that is not losing patience so quickly, that is rather fed up with some things.

First things. A while back, some friends and I tossed around some emails regarding a "Guac Off". I even came up with our team name, "Guac This Way", we needed a team of five, I knew we had three or four for sure, but was not positive. A couple of weeks ago, I emailed the "friend" that had registered us and told her that I may have to drop out unfortunately due to possible work travel, but that I was letting her know right away and would keep her informed. I updated her again last week to let her know that nothing was certain yet, but again, as soon as I knew I would let her know. Now, please keep in mind, at no time did she say anything about an alternate team member or anything, just thanks for keeping her in the loop. Yesterday, I got an email from one of the girls asking me if I was coming over for the practice run in a couple of weeks. What? I didn't even know that we were going to be having one. Hmmm. So I responded and said, oh, well, if I am in town I will, who is on the team. She let me know that my "friend" had emailed everyone the day before and made arrangements. I double checked my email, nothing. SO, at this point, I emailed my "friend" and let her know that I still had not heard about the work travel but I should know something later that day, and oh, who are our five? She replied back and said that we had five, named them, and then said if I was in town I should come and watch them.

I was very upset, my feelings were hurt and I did not understand at all what had transpired. Now, I should also mention at this point that this "friend" is an only child. Is married in her mid 30's without children, and is kind of a spoiled brat. She also tends to get a little out of hand after a couple of cocktails and says whatever she thinks. So, I responded back telling her that I was upset and that my feelings were hurt that she had not included me, it clearly was not an oversight. She replied back saying that we must have had a miscommunication, but as I had forwarded her my messages that I had sent her the previous two weeks, that was clearly not the case. It was just a failure to communicate on her part. I did not hear anything back. NOW, I have to see her and her husband on Sunday for another event. I really think that she owes me an apology at the least. I just don't understand an adult treating a friend that way, but maybe we aren't friends.

Second. I have both single friends and married friends. I am neither, but I have been in a long term relationship that I am committed too. But people, that does not make me dead. Lately my single girlfriends have been going out together, a lot, but not inviting me. When I do invite them to something, and if there are other couples that are going to be there, they say things like, "oh, no thanks, that is a couples thing". Our married friends have also been getting together, but probably not including us because we aren't married? I for one, just like hanging out with my friends doing things. I don't have labels for them. I always invite them to everything regardless. Now, the boy and I are a part of a couples club, and we do things with them, but this is just going out and hanging out things I am talking about. Or even just a girls night. I am not dead, right?

Third. There is one acquaintence who has been a part of our mix for a while. At first I thought she was fun, nice, neat to be around. The more that I got to know her though, I realized that there were some character qualities that were not high on my list. So, I took a step back. My two good girl friends though have gotten really tight with her, we don't do things all together really, but in some ways I feel badly about this, but in other ways I realize that this is just not someone I would choose to be close friends with, and I think that is okay. However, while I will include her in invitations to things, it is never reciprocated, and they do not include me when they all do things together. But am I supposed to just ignore traits in a person that I just do not agree with?

This is just kind of a pity party today. I guess I am just kind of grumpy about these things and frustrated. My expectation is to treat someone as you would expect them to treat you. However, as I have learned in the past, I have high expectations. Or do I?

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lisagh said...

People are challenging aren't they? It sounds like you did the right thing in each instance... you spoke your mind, were honest and respectful. If the other parties do not reciprocate with the same courtesy, at least you can look in the mirror knowing you are a thoughtful and good person.

Hope things get better!