Friday, July 17, 2009

Feels Like Fall!

It is only 62 here today and it totally feels like a fall day. Which of course in one way makes me sad, but in another way has me thinking about what is on the agenda this fall.

I have already signed up to host the Fall neighborhood meeting for JLM the second week in October. So I am already thinking about what to serve and come up with some kind of neat little goody bags. I picked this up over the weekend for some ideas.
The boy has a "big" birthday in September and would like to attend a sporting event with all of our friends, however the game is sold out so now it is up to me to figure out how to get tickets. And of course a present.

I am thinking about the fall lines. I have seen a couple of the Lilly Fall 2009 pieces that I just love here are a few. . . .

I have already picked out and bought my fall bag, debut soon. . .

I also have replaced my old Boat and Tote with this one, but in red and instead of my monogram it just says Jilly.

and I picked this one up for the boy, in navy with his name.

And added this one to the collection, with my monogram because who doesn't love a little argyle. Although this one is a tad smaller.

So with all of this fall like weather, it also has made me take a look at what is still on my ta-da list for the rest of the summer.
A movie at the Drive-Inn
A Saints game (can you believe we have not been to a single Saints game YET this year?)
Tin Fish at Lake Calhoun
Concert at the pavilion at Lake Harriet
Dining al fresco as much as possible
Polo (August 2nd, I am putting this on the calendar)

there are also quite a few movies that we have not seen due to the fact that I would rather be outside in the summer,
Transformers (would really like to see this at the IMAX)
Star Trek
Public Enemies
My Sisters Keeper
Night at the Museum

We are really slow on Netflix at the moment as well, plus we got a Roku box and still have not set that up. But we hardly even watch any tv during the summer.

I also pulled out my entertainment schedule and I really have not done much this summer besides the impromptu BBQ a couple of weeks ago, so I really need to plan something for August, but there is not a ton of time! Time to take a step back and get myself organized!

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