Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sick! Ugh!!

Yesterday my throat was killing me, I went to the Minute Clinic downstairs in my building to have a strep test and wound up passing out. My mom and dad picked me and took me to the boys to sleep and rest (after getting some stuff for my throat). The boy came home and my fever decided to kick it into high gear and I got delusional (more so than usual) and could not focus my eyes. I wound up in an ice bath to get it down. It broke some time during the night. BUT, in the mean time I am in so much pain I cannot swallow. They think it is viral opposed to bacterial which means it may move around my body for a little while before it starts to leave. I had the same thing last summer I think, hated it then too.

Hardly slept last night, working from home (the boys) today. Probably will tomorrow too. Hoping to feel better SOON! So, no movie last night, SO bummed, I am not cooking tonight. We had Chinese last night, noodle soup was all I could even think about. Throat spray and grape juice. Really exciting stuff. I can't even concentrate to read though which is really a bummer.

Hope everyone else is enjoying the summer!


lisagh said...

Oh no! Take care of yourself, my friend! *hugs*

Suzanne said...

Feel better! My son had strep this week, not much fun!