Monday, June 29, 2009

Meal Plan Monday! Weekend Recap!

I am on the mend. I actually finally feel like myself again after having strep (4 more days of antibiotics) last week. One of the worst things I have ever had to deal with and I thought I had a high pain tolerance. This week is, of course, very busy, and no meals this week, but lots of great receipes that I will be sharing with you this week that we will be having over the long 4th of July weekend.

Monday - Haircut, Costco trip, errands, dinner along the way, the boy mows his yard (if this stuff doesn't get done tonight, it won't get done).
Tuesday - Dinner at Corner Table along with a screening of Food Inc. Really looking forward to this, just love Scott Pampuch and Corner Table is one of my all time favorite local restaurants.
Wednesday - Sample Night Live - 12 shows, 1 night, 20 bucks. We get to see the cast of Cirque de Soleil's Kooza though, and it looks like a ton of fun!
Thursday - Up to the lake, with a stop at McBee's along the way!
Friday - Lake
Saturday - Lake
Sunday - Lake
Monday - Lake
Tuesday - Lake
Wednesday - Lake

Cannot wait for a week up at the lake! The boy's mom and I spent some time with cook books and notepads this weekend making lists of recipes and ingredients. It was actually a ton of fun and I am glad that she is getting more involved in the whole cooking thing and including me. We are just planning on the four of us for now, but hopefully she will check with the boys sister to see if she will be up with the kids, and we already know at this point that the boys brother is going to possibly be up, so we can plan for him just in case, but his other brother and the wife we did not even discuss or bring up, so I guess they are just on their own and so be it. Fine by me. We were going to take the boys classic car up so that his parents could drive it in the parade, but my sister and her family are also going to be up at a cabin for the week starting Saturday, so I think that we are going to take my truck just in case we want to go over and see them for a couple of days. At least we have options that way.

We had a really nice weekend, although Friday nights weather was the best weather we had all weekend. We did get our walk in Saturday morning before it really started raining, which was okay since I guess I needed a nap. It did clear up though, and we decided since it was just the two of us at that point up at the lake, that maybe we would try a new place and head out to dinner.
It was kind of fun to get dressed up at the lake and head out since that is something that we rarely do and there really are not that many places to go around there. I am sure we were over dressed for the place, but that is okay, I had fun, and I never need an excuse to put a dress on.

After dinner when we got back, the boys parents were there so we watched disc 2 Season 2 of The Tudors. I love that program. They have been renewed for a fourth season, I am so glad!

Sunday morning came way to early. We had to get up early to head to the golf course to meet up with my parents so that the boys could golf. The boys golf, and my mom, the boys mom and I went back to the lake house, hung out a bit, but it was too windy to spend any time outside or on the lake, so we headed into town for a little shopping which was fun. Then, it was time for dinner and we headed back home late last night while the retirees all got to enjoy some more lake time!

I have been on a total mojito kick. I am growing a ton of my own herbs, at home, at the boys and at the lake, my mint is growing like crazy which makes for some good blueberry mojito, excellent blood orange mojito as well as a lemondade mojito! Cannot wait to get back up there Thursday.

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