Monday, February 02, 2009

Meal Plan Monday, Week in Review!

So last week was a little bit crazier than even I had planned. I would like to say that this week is tamer, but it just isn't. I like being able to catch up with things on Sundays, but I could not even do that this week.
We saw the red carpet premiere here of "New in Town" where Harry Connick Jr., Jill Goodacre, Siobhan Fallon and the writer, from MN, Ken Rance all made an appearance.
It was SO much fun and we went with friends F & A. There were tee shirts on all of our chairs, too cute! They all came into the theater prior to the movie, did a little Q & A and spoke to us. It was a really cute movie which takes place in New Ulm, MN, however it was filmed in Winnipeg, Canada. It was a lot of fun to draw the comparisons. LOVED the movie though.
Tuesday we actually did stay in where I think I worked 18 hours, but I did manage to make the lasagna soup which the boy LOVED, licked his bowl clean and finished mine as well! Highly recommend that one, the boy has asked for it to go into the favorites pile.

Wednesday we went to the local dinner theater. While the food was just mediocre the performance of The Producers was really good and we had a good time. That was our first time, and we will definitely try to get back.

Thursday was a quick dinner, grabbed a sandwich, so that we could go to the screening of "I Love You Man" with Paul Rudd and Marshall from "How I Met Your Mother" SO funny. We all laughed throughout the entire movie. It comes out March 20th and I would definitely put it on your must see list for a good laugh.
Friday we headed out to dinner with my sister (who is now a vegetarian) and her husband as well as The Shout House and dueling pianos after. We had a good time, well at least the boy and I did. My sister was just kind of a stick in the mud. Oh well, that is her choice, we still had fun. And after talking this weekend to some friends about it, we are planning on going back this weekend.
Saturday was the Winter White BYOB Wine Tasting for my wine club. We had a really good time, great turn out and some fun food and wonderful drinks. Sister J hosted and everything went off without a hitch!

Superbowl Sunday we were kind of moving slow in the morning, watched "Ghosttown" which was pretty good and then grabbed a bite to eat at Annie's Parlour and then stopped by the boys house to check on things before heading over to Sister S for a little get together. We brought wings and had pizza. Great game, I am glad they made it exciting and we had our 3-D glasses for the commercials.
This week is pretty busy, so not a ton of meal planning going on. I bought stuff for salads and got everything prepped so we can do grab and go when needed and for lunches.

Monday - Home (thank goodness) Tilapis with Lemon Dijon Cream Sauce and Noodles (from last week)
Tuesday - Screening of "He's Just Not That Into You" (salad? sandwich?)
Wednesday - Screening of "Push" (salad?, sandwich?)
Thursday - Screening of "Confessions of a Shopoholic" dinner at Crave with the girls
Friday - Guthrie (Two Gentlemen of Verona) and dinner at Agri with F & A
Saturday - Summit tour, dinner out with friends and The Shout House\

You can find (most likely better and more recipes) more menus here Orgjunkie.

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