Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Things I am Digging!

Oh Lilly!
Did you know that we are celebrating her Jubilee? How are you going to help her celebrate? I love all of my Lilly and I would love to have a Lilly Jubilee party this year, however, I think I am almost the only one in the state that loves her as much as I do, so I guess I will celebrate on my own. But, here is to you Lilly for brightening my day on a regular basis.
Couples Club.
Scott and I recently joined a couples club to meet some new people. It has been so much fun and we have met so many nice people who we have a lot of different things in common with. We have actually met three other couple around the same age who are also not planning on having kids, so that is kind of fun too. Not that I don't love kids, it is just that they are not in the cards and sometimes our friends that do have kids, don't include us because we don't have any, so it is nice to find other couples that we share this with.
The Swarm are back!
This Saturday is the opener and the boy and I will be taking the kids. We will have them overnight as well so it should be a lot of fun! Looking forward to it!
Movies. . . .
We have seen our fair share as usual, but I just loved loved loved Benjamin Button. It is such a heart touching story and I loved the scenery and the whole vibe of it. We also saw Gran Torino last night, Clint Eastwood is an incredible actor. Doubt with Meryl Streep is wonderful as well.
The Fireplace. . .
We have already gone through a cord of wood. You know what that means. I am definitely going to need more wood delivered. We have been enjoying fires almost every night that we have been home. It has been really cold so far this winter, and it just makes it so much cozier.

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Martha said...

Ooo, Jilly! I've heard those Swarm games are awesome!! I'd love to learn how to play lacrosse.

Hope you have a great New Year, Jilly-poo!