Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I cannot believe how quickly January has come back around. I think time does fly when you are having fun, because I know I am having fun and it has really flown by. I look ahead to January and it is crammed full of fun stuff and there is plenty more that I would like to squeeze in.

I had some time off over the holidays and spent that time cooking, spending time with the boy and family as well as friends and doing one of my favorite things, organizing. I made a lot of progress on some areas that really needed it. I went through five dressers and my cedar trunk as well as three closets. I purged a ton of stuff and it felt good (Lisagh, I am afraid, for some reason, the linen closet is still on the list, but I am hoping to get it crossed off soon). I organized my office and went through papers. It just felt good to get ready for 2009 and all that it has to offer. I am trying to get down to one laptop, currently I am down from five to two, so I am on my way AND I backed everything up! I still need to organize photos on the back up, but they are not too bad. Here are some of the things that help keep me organized.
My sweaters (I have one more organizer in another closet just for the argyles)
My necklaces

I went through 2009 and planned some events that I wanted to get on the calendar and looked and some trips to put on there (one of which includes a visit to my friend North of me) and also set some goals for myself. I am heading to Napa, CA with the girls in late April, cannot wait for that trip, the boy and I are heading to NC, looking forward to that as well. Sister J and I started Jazzercise this week and I found the gym in my building this week, so I am on the right path there as well. This was my first week back at work for the year as well, so I also set some career goals for myself as well. It is nice to just have the whole freshness of the new year.

I am also going to try to be better about posting and making more time for me.


lisagh said...

You know I'm proud of you!

Kate said...

I love your bracelet holder. Where is it from?

KathleenKMM said...

I second Kate -- the bracelet holder is awesome. Where is it from?

The Mrs. said...

Loving your organization! It's inspiring!