Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Recipe of the Week! Tortilla Cups

I made this recipe a couple of weeks ago and we REALLY liked it! You could use chicken, beef, whatever you have on hand. Whenever I make tacos, I make a double batch of the beef and freeze a bunch to use for taco pizza, or just grab a cup full and make myself a taco salad for lunch. This would be great with ground beef too! I didn't work out the calories on these, but considering the fact that three filled us up, I think it would be pretty light!

Tortilla Cups
1 lb of steak (any kind I think would work, I used tenderloin)
1/2 package of taco seasoning (I use Penzey's, so I just used enough for a 1lb. of meat)
4 oz Taco cheese
4 tortilla's quartered
Cooking Spray
Toppings-lettuce, tomato, onions, sour cream, salsa, guacamole, cilantro

Slice the beef to bite size. Marinate 1 to 4 hours (maybe even overnight) in the seasoning, I added some olive oil.

Preheat oven to 350. Saute to medium rare doneness.
Spray a muffin tin with cooking spray. Place one quarter tortilla in each cup, put a little cheese in the bottom of each cup, a couple of pieces of beef, top with a little bit more cheese and bake for 15 minutes.
Top with toppings of your choice and enjoy.
These are so easy, and we thought they would be great appetizers too, but they are a little messy. Also, if the boy LIKED cilantro, I would have added it when I marinated it, but he HATES it!


J said...

Those look very yummy and easy! Thanks for sharing.

RED said...

Love to see you are back!! This recipe looks awesome - yet another to print out and add to the file! Cant wait to try!!

Unknown said...

These look totally yummy! Diva Husband is Mexican and I'm always looking for variations on tacos. Can't wait to try them!