Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Recaps and Updates!

I have been a little remiss and caught up in stuff lately, so that is my lack of posts excuse, hope that about covers it.

We had a good time in Vegas, which was now a month ago, but since then, it has been one thing right after another.

The Saint's Home Opener came and went. I have really been looking forward to tailgating, as always, especially with all of the really cute Swell stuff at Target this year. Unfortunately the weather has not been cooperating. We actually brought a couple of pizza's, I made a salad and sister J made a delicious cake.
We did have a really good time though and I am looking forward to warmer weather and some serious tailgating!
My friend Sister S. had a shower, she is having a boy (hopefully soon because I cannot wait to see him!) so it was fun to shop and it was a really nice shower. The food was really good as well, some great salads from Cossetta's. It is always good to see her mom as well, and I know that she cannot wait to be a grandmom!
We were able to celebrate mother's day with both mother's. Brunch with my parents and then we made dinner for the boys parents. So it all worked out.

We attended Art-a-Whirl, a couple of wine tastings and a friends graduation and birthday party. Fun to catch up with friends who we don't get to see very often, but still waiting for the weather to actually feel like Spring/Summer.

I had been waiting for Wii Fit to come out, and it did not fail to disappoint. I have been enjoying several different types of workouts and the rhythm boxing is really kicking my butt. "Wii" have become very good friends lately,
especially with the weather so gloomy and uninviting for my daily walks.
We finally made it up to the lake for Memorial Day Weekend. Last year we had put the dock in a lot earlier and had spent quite a few sunny weekends at the lake before memorial day weekend,
but this year just did not work out that way.
The weather still was not that great, but we got to go out on the boat a little, grilled some, went for some walks and enjoyed some Scrabble.
We also got into the series "The Tudors" and we love it. Can't wait to watch some more. Have you ever listened to a book on CD? We picked one up for the trips back and forth to the lake, so far so good. I enjoy podcasts, so I thought that I would, but we have really been enjoying it!

This past weekend my nephew G called and asked to come and spend the night with me, how could I say no, even though I knew it was probably just a ploy to have some Wii time all to himself? He is SO much fun to have around and such a sweetie. We stopped in at Convention for burgers and milkshakes and then he played hours on end of Shrek on the Wii. It was SO much fun to watch him play, he gets SO excited. We played a little Smart Brain Academy as well, he is one smart little guy.

The highlight of his visit though, had to be a visit to the car show, where The Boy was showing his car for the first time. He picked up a classic car this past winter. Something he had been looking for a very long time for.
It holds a lot of sentimental value for him, it was the same car his parents had when they brought him home from the hospital. His brother has a muscle car, the same one that he has had since high school and shows it as well, so this is something fun for the two of them to do together. I am not that into the whole thing, but I think it is a great hobby to have and he really enjoys it. We did see some cool cars,
and it was a really nice day. My nephew G had a blast, plus to have our attention, completely to himself makes a big difference as well.
Later that night we headed out with sister J, and friends J and K from CT
to celebrate J's birthday.
They are getting married in a couple of weeks, so we had a lot of fun talking about the upcoming nuptials and such. Unfortunately the boy and I will not be heading out East for the wedding as his brother and his brother's girlfriend are getting married at the same time (but please do not get me started on this one, it is for a completely different post).

Sunday was St. Paul's Grand Ol' Day, and luckily the weather cooperated for the first time this season and we had a beautiful day. We met up with all kinds of friends, ran into friends, listened to bands, drank (free, courtesy of Summit) beer and ate lots of food that was not very good for us.
We wound down the evening on the deck of Sister J's, just kicking back taking it all in.

They only live a block from the festivities, so it was nice to have somewhere to wind down the evening.

This week, a JLM committee meeting, getting my Summer Swap package out, planting some flowers and herbs at both the boys house and mine, going to see SATC since I missed out this weekend and getting ready to head up to the lake again. This will be our only weekend at the lake for the month of June, with the "wedding" festivities and such. We have plans the first three weekends in August as well so we need to enjoy the weekends while we can!

I have a recipe that I will try to post later. Hope you are all well!


Suz said...

Boy you have been busy! I love all the detail you go through with your pictures and recaps, etc . . . Sounds like its been a fun spring so far and the camp is beautiful - so great to get into summer mode.

Jacky Hackett said...

Busy little bee. Glad to hear all is well!

JenWebb702 said...

Yay...a post from you. I feel like queen of stalkers since I check for updates so often. Glad to see a post from you!!

Kate said...

Great photo update!!

The song from Brothers and Sisters is called Can't Find My Way Home by Ellen McIlwaine (it is on itunes)

k e r r y said...

we are going to get the wii at the end of the summer... and the wii fitness is the "game" I want!

k e r r y said...

great pictures by the way!! Hot pink is your color!

Jill said...

Jilly- Great catching up with you! You're one busy girl!

Rebecca said...

Hi Jilly! Thanks for joining our summer swap. :)

I just got Wii Fit, too! My Mii is quite chubby LOL. I like the yoga a lot and I rock at hula hoop! I can't hit those soccor balls to save my life. Lol

RED said...

holy update batman! I love it all - the recap, the photos, looks like you've been your typical busy self, living it up! Can't wait for more - I'm with Kerry - pink IS you color!!