Wednesday, April 16, 2008


The boy had just walked in the door from work. I was finishing up a conference call (THANK GOODNESS I work from home!) and my doorbell rang. I took one look at the boy and I said, it's him, it's him, get my camera!!!

The UPS man was a little overwhelmed with my reaction as I opened the door, but I explained what it was all about and of course he understood.
The boy held the box as I documented his arrival, but I couldn't wait to see how he was doing.
We opened him up, not a bubble had been popped, but boy was he thirsty.
We quickly got him a beverage, he took to the Minnesota brew quickly (but Leesie, he burped really loud, did you have him read Miss Manners? I have a copy, not to worry).
We also have some friends here to introduce him to, I think they will get along smashingly, we have been preparing them for monkey's arrival, they have all kinds of places they cannot wait to show him, more on that later, just wanted to let you all know that he has arrived safe and sound!
To find out more about this journey, check it out here!


Anonymous said...

Saw that you have Monkey first and am excited to add another blog to my blog list! Not only do we get to participate in this fun event but we get to find out about blog buddies that we might not have known any other way!!

Kate said...

That photo of the UPS guy is hysterical!

Kate said...

Cute! Have fun Monkey!!

Beth said...

Cute pics-have fun with the little monkey!!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

LOVE IT!!! I can't wait to see more and what you two (three) will be doing.