Thursday, January 10, 2008

Project of the week! Painted Dresser

A couple of months ago my mom gave me this dresser.

We added an embellishment on the front which I really like. We still have to put the handles on it and put it in place. After I do that I will take some pictures of my bedroom and put those up.

I am still looking for a bed frame, this is what I am looking for, of course I am hoping and holding out to find it reasonably at an estate sale, but if anyone has any other ideas I am open to them. I also know that if I do find a vintage bed frame, that it will most likely be a full size and not queen and that I will have to count on my dad to retro-fit it! But maybe by this spring!


tulipmom said...

The dresser looks beautiful! I've been looking for a white dresser for Tulipbaby's room. Good luck finding the bed.

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Great job, like always! Love it and those bed frames are lovely! Good luck finding one!

Britt said...

The dresser looks great...I absolutely love those bed frames, esp. the last one! Keep us updated.

Kate said...

Gorgeous work! I love refinishing furniture:)

Caffeine Court said...

Wow-so impressive!

My daughter has a dresser that needs work. Maybe I'll steal your ideas! (When and if I get motivated..)

Great job!!!

k e r r y said...

That is some weekend project! Good job!

Martha said...

Oh, Jilly!

I love that dresser! Nice paint job, too!!!