Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Things I am Digging!

After being sick for so long, (thank you all so much for the good wishes) I am so looking forward to some upcoming events.

I am glad that some people plan their holiday celebrations for January, AFTER things have settled down a little bit, but January holds some great events and adventures and I am really looking forward to them!

This weekend the boy and I are going to be "working" at the MacPhail Center for Music Grand Opening Gala. Not sure what we will be doing, but it is another reason to get dressed up and for the boy to wear his suit! We will be "working" with sister J and the boy she has been dating and then meeting up with sister S and her husband for a late dinner at Sanctuary. I am really looking forward to it because I feel like I have not been out or socialized in forever and a half.

Next weekend is the third annual US Pond Hockey Championship. I have been the past two years and it is always a good time and fun to watch. One of the sponsors is Summit so I may even be there pouring a few!

While I am mentioning Summit, they are having their holiday party on January 26th, and the part that I love is it is a "theme" event!!! The theme being a "Starlight Serenade Retro Prom". Oh my, can you even imagine? I cannot wait for this one! I am going to have to start hunting for a dress, and the boy, I will have to find a nice light blue ruffled shirt for him to wear! Any ideas, thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I called my mom to see if she still had my prom dresses and she said yes, so I will have to check those out. I think I have 6 dresses there so one of them should work, if not maybe I could take two and make one?

We are also kicking off Get Fit Twin Cities, and once again I am heading up a team. It kicks off next week on the 16th, this year I am going to be more organized and hopefully the team members will be interested in weekly events to do together. One of our first events is going to be a Soup exchange and a field trip to the Pond Hockey next weekend, should be fun!

We also have a BYOB wine event for my wine club at sister J's new loft. I am excited for this one, it is going to be a Winter White theme! I am not the BIGGEST fan of white wines, I actually prefer reds, especially in the winter, but I think this is a great way to put a BYOB theme and wine tasting together. Everyone has even been asked to wear their winter whites and sister J and I will be preparing all white foods, any ideas please pass them my way! I am bringing a great Jan Kris sparkling almond champagne that is just delish, if you can find it, pick some up and give it a try!

So this on top of some estate sale excursions, family parties and dinners, JLM events and movies, January is looking up!

Hope you are all well!

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