Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend Recap!

Hope everyone had a good weekend, the weather here was wonderful and we really packed a lot in.

First up, I think I truly do have a peeping Tom, cat that is. Look who was back to see me on Friday again. I wonder how often he really does show up?

Friday night we caught up on a ton of errands, crossing stuff off of the Ta-Da list left and right! Stocked up on some wine, with a couple of cases, during the holidays I need to have it on hand, so we picked up a couple of mixed cases. I also picked up some nuts and other snack type items along with some different beers to put into the gift baskets for two of the birthdays for Saturday.

We had heard somewhere, not even sure where, about this place Convention Grill, so we decided to swing in and have a bite to eat.

Needless to say we were not disappointed. It is a throwback to the 40's and 50's. The waitresses in white uniforms and nothing on the menu but burgers, grilled cheeses, fries and malts. They have been there since 1934 and when you walked in it was like going back in time. There were tons of kids and teenagers there getting their weekly fix before heading out to catch a movie. Great atmosphere, wonderful food and a good time. I cannot wait to bring the kids there!

Afterwards we made a stop by Target to pick up my nephews birthday gift, Guitar Hero Rocks the 80's was the requested gift. Looks like fun! We also picked up some other needed items along with a few Christmas gifts for the kids. I am "HOPING" to have all of my shopping done by the first week in December.

What is a Friday for us without a flick? We saw Gone Baby Gone and it was wonderful. We were very pleasantly surprised. We had talked about seeing Lions for Lambs, but this had already been out for a week and we had spoken to a couple of people who had seen it, so we decided to check it out. Very good movie and Ben does a wonderful job of directing his brother Casey. After 9 months of not seeing any real Oscar contenders, I have seen a few now in the past couple of weeks that I think will definitely be in it and I know of a couple more coming out as well. We are hoping to see Lions for Lambs this week sometime.

Saturday was a bit early, but we knew we wanted to hit a couple of estate sales, and we managed to squeeze in five! No real exciting treasures this week some vintage linens, ribbons and the boy found a few things. But I did find this.

I have a more current version, but I love the colors and just the way this one looks, so I knew I would be able to find a new home for it. We also stopped into Olive Garden for some soup, salad and bread sticks. Once in a while it is just the right thing that hits the right spot. We decided to finish some more errands and get a couple of more things crossed off of the Ta-Da list. One of them was getting my haircut. I had no idea going in that coming out I would have 6 inches less of hair and new bangs. I trusted someone new to just cut my hair and keep going. It is the shortest I have had it in 10 years and also the first time I have changed the "style" in about that long as well. I am still not sure about it, it will take some adjusting and getting used to, but the boy says that he really likes it and likes it even better than before. He was a good sport too and waited the whole time with me, even though he did take a little snooze. Another Target run for some last minute items for the gift baskets and it was back home to get ready for the parties!

We had a really good time at my nephew Jack's party. They had it at a hotel so that the kids could swim during the day and then the adults could enjoy the party in the evening as well. A few of my sisters friends got rooms for the night and such, and while we left around 9, I heard the party went into the wee hours. . . .

My parents got Jack a pogo stick, we all had a good time with that, but I think that my dad was the best!

This is little Elias and I. He is SUCH a cutie! And you would never guess that when he was born at just 21 weeks he only weighed about as much as a tennis ball, probably was close to the same size now. He has always been my little pal though, such a cutie!

The next party that we went to was already in full swing, but we had so much fun seeing faces we had not seen in months and catching up with friends. It was a really good time and turned into a very late night for me.

Sunday we decided that brunch was definitely in order, I slept much later than I normally do, but I also needed it. We tried a new place for brunch, The Independent in Uptown. We had been there for drinks and happy hour but never for their brunch and it did not disappoint. There was a great variety and it was all very good. We also ran into J & A and another friend so it was really good to see them as well.

Not enough time in the day, so after brunch we headed to pick up the kids to take them to see Bee Movie (and to give mom and dad a break so they could have a nap). It was a good movie, the kids always enjoy going to the movies and it was a cute good movie. It is also really nice to see Jerry Seinfeld doing something big again.

Another trip to Target was in order (did you count that, it was three in one weekend). We were looking for one particular item, which you will see later this week in the project post. Luckily we finally found it. We capped off the weekend with dinner with the boys parents and some amazing race!

Great weekend, REALLY nice to get a lot crossed off of my Ta-Da list. Holiday cocktail invitations going out in the mail today, they arrived Saturday and I was pretty pleased with them! What do you think?

Hope you all have a great Monday!


tulipmom said...

That pogo stick looks like fun! Hmmm......

I think you made the right choice with "Gone Baby Gone." We saw "Lions for Lambs" Friday night and it wasn't that great (despite the incredible cast).

Kimba said...

You really do have the best weekends!!!!

I can't wait to see Gone Baby Gone, of course it's all the buzz here in Boston!