Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Things I am NOT Digging!

Yes, believe it or not, time for a little venting. But this is serious stuff people!

The boys mother went to the doctor yesterday. She told us on Sunday that she would be doing this, she said that sometimes she gets short of breath and that her stomach was bothering her. Yesterday afternoon, while I was off-site (not at home) I got an email from the boy saying that they were wheeling his mother into surgery for an angioplasty and a stint. This may be a regular procedure, but we are so unfamiliar with this and it was scary to us. The boy was able to go and see her when she came out of recovery, but the doctor was gone already. He had to make sense of what was going on through his dad and sister and none of it made sense. Hopefully things will make more sense today and she will make a full recovery and be okay.

Technical teams. Our development team, one arm of my project team, throughout this entire project has kept telling us during status meetings how they were on time, everything is swell, yada, yada, yada. . . well guess what, now that it is crunch time and we are about to implement, things are NOT so swell and I am having to burn the candles at both ends. AND, I have a meeting to present our project to the CIO Monday. Hmmmmm, this is so not easy. I have not told the boy or anyone about this meeting. It is not a small meeting and I don't want to stress myself. It will all be good. Right?????

Okay, this one is huge. . .not happy about daylights savings, but NOT for the reason you may think. The boy has been busy painting my friends loft at night and such, so of course our shows are DVR'd, right? Or are they? I have not been watching them either so that I can watch them with him. WELL, let me just tell you that throughout the daylights savings thing, I LOST all of my scheduled recordings! SO, no Big Bang Theory, no Rules of Engagement, no How I Met Your Mother, no Two and a Half Men, NO DANCING WITH THE STARS! SO MAD! So we sat down last night to have dinner, IN FRONT OF THE TV (we NEVER do this), it was late for us, about 8:30, and I thought, good we can catch up on our shows. Well. No SHOWS!

RSVP's. I have vented about this before, but running this wine club is not the easiest thing in the world. Luckily I love to plan and so that is the enjoyment I get out of it because it does take a lot of planning and thinking and such. We now have over 300 people and I have been planning about 3 gatherings per month. But inevitably there are a few people every month who RSVP yes for something and then drop out at the last minute. Most events can only handle about 25 to 50 people, but if I tell a restaurant that we have 25 coming and then 5 drop out at the last minute, that is just rude. Rude to the restaurant who has planned for us, rude to the staff who is expecting 25 and rude to the rest of the group who is looking forward to meeting the 5 people that don't show up. Sorry, just had to get that off my chest. Some people don't even drop, they just don't show. There are exceptions who will email me personally and let me know, I can appreciate last minute things that come up, but come on people!

It is finally really cold here. It was 25 degrees this morning when I woke up. For some reason my body has to get adjusted to this. I am constantly cold for the first few weeks that it is this cold and I need to wear a ton of layers to keep warm. I am not sure why this is. Before I lived here and would just come home at Christmas to visit, my parents would crank the heat to 80 for me so that I would stay warm for the short time I was home. Well, now that I live on my own, I don't crank the heat to 80, but I do have space heaters all over. We still have not had a fire, not enough time. . . .but I am ready.

Whew, there, now I feel better, sorry, I don't like being a negative nelly, but I was frustrated and didn't sleep well because of all of this, I will sleep better now tonight.

Dinner tonight for the wine club at a new place I have never been. I am looking forward to it! Hope you are all well and staying warmer than I am!


Anonymous said...

Hope all the boys mom is doing well. Good thing they fixed any problems before they became more serious. Very scary!

Good luck in your meeting, you will knock 'em dead.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Jilly - Go ahead and vent, Girl! Hope the boy's mom is A-OK. I am with you on the DVR tirade! MAD! UGH!

Keep warm - and you've inspired me to make chili this weekend!

Libby said...

Venting always helps, it's super cathartic! I hope you got a better understanding of what happened to boy's mom, how she's doing today, and what you can expect in the future.

I'm sorry about the DVR- that's a major bummer.

Best of luck with the meeting, I'm sure it will be just fine, I'll be thinking of you on Monday.