Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend Recap!

We had a wonderful weekend. Starting with Friday, the close of the BP house FINALLY happened!!! The boy was SO happy and I think relieved as well. The market is just not very strong here and I think this is what he needed. So after the close, we met his parents for a bite to eat and then went and stopped by a car auction that the boy wanted to check out (you would think the money was burning a hole in his pocket, but it wasn't). He has always wanted a classic car, so from time to time he will check them out. I am sure when he finds what he is looking for he will pick it up. I have mentioned that a nice '57 Chevy convertible in maybe a turquoise would be nice and that I have my parade wave down perfectly. He did not even KNOW what a parade wave was, I demonstrated, not to worry and it was good to brush up on it.

Saturday we went for a long walk, it was a beautiful morning and it was so nice to wake up at the lake and listen to the water lapping the rocks. After some lounging around, reading and just relaxing, oh, well the boy did mow, his mom and dad got up there, I made some lunch and we got to putting the dock in. It is nice to finally have it in, and we were lucky enough to have warm enough weather so that even being in the water for a bit wasn't so bad.

Sunday was another beautiful day and we spend a good part of the day just reading and relaxing. The pontoon went in and we took it out for a spin around the lake and saw our eagle friend. We stayed for the sunset which was beautiful and I am looking forward to a long four day weekend over Memorial Day.

I made a really good light refreshing cake for Mother's Day which turned out to be a hit, check out the recipe here. Luscious Lemon Poke Cake.

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Libby said...

The photo of the sunset is just beautiful!