Friday, May 18, 2007

Grateful Friday!

I cannot believe how fast this week has flown by. And I am sure the weekend will be the same way. We have a BBQ tonight, but it is raining at the moment, so my walk was even canceled. I am sure they will just move the BBQ indoors, it is the boy's college friends so it should be fun. They have the cutest little baby Troy, he has big cheeks! Although I have not seen him for quite a while, I hope they are still there. Saturday we have the tag sale, which should be interesting if nothing else. We are hoping to get to Art-a-Whirl before heading to a birthday party too which I still need to put the gift together for. Sunday is hopefully movie and some down time but we will see how that goes and then dinner with the boy's parents. I am hoping to get a pedicure at some point too. . .

It has been a busy week, but here are the things I am grateful for this week!

Breakfast. I love having a nice breakfast whether it is yogurt, cereal, toast, waffle, crumpet, bagel or an english muffin, but always with a little fresh fruit thrown in and some juice. Believe it or not neither the boy or I drink coffee, so that is never a need. Never a heavy breakfast, just something to get me going.

My free subscription to the Kraft Magazine came this week. They have some great recipes and it is always seasonal. It gives me some great ideas as well, just in time for Memorial Day Weekend!

Networking. I attended a networking event last night and had such a good time. It was the grand opening of a high end real estate office downtown. The space was wonderful and they had commissioned an artist to do pieces for their walls. I spent some time speaking with the artist who was very interesting and insightful. I also met some other very interesting people who do things I had no idea were even jobs. The food and wine were very good so it was a good night overall and I got back and the boy had recorded the season finale of The Office so we got to watch that together.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and beautiful weather!


Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Sounds like a fun weekend awaits! Have a great one!

J said...

Have a great weekend Jilly! I hope the weather clears up soon.

Anonymous said...

I get the Kraft magazine, too. I wasn't real impressed with this issue.

Sarah said...

I get that mag, too, and it always has things that look great, but that I don't dare attempt to make! The desserts are absolutely wicked (in a good way...) =)

tulipmom said...

I always find something yummy in the Kraft mag, too.