Friday, April 13, 2007

Things I DON'T want to do!

I got sick of my Ta-Da list, maybe there is too much on it today!

I don't want to:
1) take people for granted
2) be mean or petty
3) waste my creativity or my mind
4) spend time or energy on things I cannot change
5) fritter away money on things I don't really need or want but provide instant gratification
6) put off projects that I already have the supplies for
7) try decorating the whole house instead of focusing on one room at a time
8) lose valuable time looking for something because I was unorganized
9) miss the chance to be a good example for other people in my life
10) waste the opportunity to live my life, every day, to the fullest


tulipmom said...

Much better than a To-Do list, anyday! I was so moved when I read your comment on Meg's blog about moving closer to your sister so that you could help out and support her as she raised an autistic child. What an incredible person you must be!

jillskict said...

Thank you, but if you knew how special my niece and my sister are, it would totally make sense. I am so lucky to have them. People ask me all the time if I miss the East coast and my friends and such, and I definitely do and it has been hard and challenging. But I would not trade the moments that I have with my family for anything!