Monday, April 16, 2007

Stop the Madness!!!

Hey there, hope everyone had a great weekend! I know those of you out East were dealing with weather issues and I am sorry about that, no one likes crapola weather for the weekend. It was nice here finally, so I know it is on the way out to you guys!

We went hunting Friday during this area here, what they call, junk days. I guess we thought what the heck, you never know what you might find, but we didn't find anything. Then we were off to dinner and the movies, but then I saw a McDonald's. My mom has recruited us into searching for the last Wizard of Oz Madam Alexander dolls for my niece. They really are very cute, I wish I had the set actually, but I guess I can just play with Gracie's. Well, I asked in the drive thru if they had Glinda the good witch. At first we got someone who did not speak English very well, then someone else came over the speaker who spoke English better, he said they did not have Glinda, so I asked who he did have (not sure why I asked this because I didn't really care) he told me he had the yellow witch and the good black witch with the green face and the scarecrow. I set him straight and told him that the black witch was the bad witch and that the yellow witch was actually a munchkin, he said she didn't seem very small, I said I didn't make them but he could contact Madam Alexander and then we talked about how cute the lion doll was. I thanked him, we drove off. No McDonald's though, we went and had a burger and fries at Red Robin down the road. They have the best Strawberry lemonade. A bottomless glass too.

We saw Perfect Stranger with Bruce Willis and Halle Barry. Man she is gorgeous. She could look good in a potato sack. Good movie though, definitely check it out if you have the chance, I don't want to give anything away, but it is very entertaining.

Saturday I went to a couple of estate sales on my own. Didn't get much, but it also wasn't the same without the boy who had drills. I then went and did a "little" spring clothes shopping. Someone please tell me that I don't need three new Lilly dresses. But I do. They are all very cute and I know I will have somewhere to wear each of them, starting with the boys nieces HS graduation. I did have fun shopping though and managed to pick up quite a few items and a couple for the boy of course.

I had left it up to the boy as to what we would do Saturday based on any news he would get that day. I am SO glad I left it that way. He did not get good news. They are deploying the rest of his unit on June 1st. He is not sure who is going where yet, but some are going to Afghanistan and some Iraq. There are only 8 of them left. He said that they were all sat down as a group and told that it is not a matter anymore of IF you are going but when. So now, I just want it done and over and I want him back home safe and sound. They tested his blood pressure and he tested normal, according to the Navy. It is still high, but down almost 20 points, actually 19, but the medication seems to be working. He has a lot more hoops that he needs to jump through but it looks like he will most likely go with this group June 1st, but wait an hour, the word could change, man I am SO sick of the emotional roller coaster, I just want off. It is SO hard to plan anything, look forward to anything when you don't even know when he is going or when he is coming back. Okay, enough of me venting on that, I know that it is what it is and I have to take the good with the bad and deal.

So we just wound up staying in on Saturday night, I was really tired as was the boy. He has to get up at 5:00 am on drill weekends, and I decided to be nice and get up with him. . . .ugh. We made steaks with mushrooms and asparagus and garlic toast. A couple of barley beverages and I was out like a light by 9. Oh well.

We woke up early Sunday and got things packed up and headed to my parents. We hit a few estate sales with my mom which was fun, the boy scored some great items. Then we took the cars in for oil changes, ran some errands and headed to his house to work on some projects. We painted my twin size sleigh bed the light blue to match the dresser for my guest room. I want to get the guest room finished by the middle of May. The boy's niece is going to come and stay with us and I would like it to be perfect of course. She is graduating from HS this year and in the fall will be majoring in Art in college. There is a great Art show in NE Minneapolis that I thought she would enjoy, so we have made plans to spend the day at that with her and then bring her back to spend the weekend at my house. It will be fun and something different to do. Plus, the boy is not all that close with his niece or nephews having not been around them much, so this will give us both a good opportunity to get to know her better. I will take pictures when I get the room all done, but so far it is turning out really nice.

I am going to a clothing swap on Saturday, and no I will not be swapping any Lilly, it is going to be weird to even wear it here as no one really even knows who or what it is. Oh well. The clothing swap should be a lot of fun though, and a great opportunity for me to get rid of some things. I am working on getting my closets turned over for spring, I think that it is finally nice here and is going to stay nice, it is 69 right now. The dress on the right is one that I picked up over the weekend, the other two are very cute as well, one is a patchwork in the Sienna style. I will post pictures when I get the chance. I also picked up the cutest Lilly pants but I am so darn short, literally and half of the leg length is going to have to be cut off and altered. Off to get my hair chopped tonight, never a big deal since it is usually just a one to two inch hack! Eyebrows waxed too, ahhhh, I love a good eyebrow wax, I could be addicted to eyebrow waxing!


bethy said...

did you find your glenda? :)

Libby said...

I'm the wrong girl to tell anyone that she doesn't need more Lilly ;)

I'll be thinking of you and your Boy, as always.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Ebay for the madame alexander dolls?