Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Birthday Celebrations!

So I had a teary but very thoughtful and fun birthday weekend! The past few days have been very hard with the boy, I am going to miss him so much that my heart actually hurts (along with my tummy that has not really gotten much food since I have not been able to eat very well). I think of things and I cry. We go somewhere or do something and cry, why, because all I seem to be able to think about is, in two weeks time I won't be able to do this with him, in two weeks time I will be alone. I know I have my friends and my family and his family here, but it is not him. Somehow, somewhere along the way our lives merged. I am not sure when and I am not sure where but they did. And it has been a truly wonderful thing in my life and I am very lucky. I just am not sure how to unmerge things.

The other part that is making this all so hard is the government and the military and the way that they dole out information. I know that it is probably not very easy to run a company the size of the military, but for crying out loud they are supposed to be protecting all of us, you would think they would have their act together. So verbally he was told last Wednesday that he would be going, he was told then that the orders would be written for 12 months (which means boots on the ground) but that of course he would have to go through the training before and then the de-whatever you call it afterwards which is about a month, so figure about 15 months right. . .well, really most of the guys from his unit had only been going for 6 months, so that is what I was banking on, well. . . THEN, he gets his orders in writing in his name on Friday. They have him going from San Diego, to Norfolk, VA to SC to NC then to Iraq. . .man. Well then he is told the orders are written wrong and need to be fixed, he WON'T be going to San Diego. . . THEN we are having dinner with his parents Sunday and he tells them (and me I guess) that his orders are different and that he will actually be boots on the ground no matter what for 280 days. GRRRRRRRR. On top of all this he has to get his medical records all together. He had some problems with his blood pressure back in December/January they monitored it for a couple of days and said when you get a chance have a civilian doctor check you, but they never flagged him as not being eligible for mobilization, but now they are saying it could delay him. GRRRRRR. He was approved for his lasik back in October and had is done in November, was told that would put him on a 90 day medical hold, no problem, the 90 days are up, BUT, that was Army policy and since the Navy does not have a large presence here in MN, that is who is spoke to but the Navy has a 6 month medical hold policy for lasik which would not make him eligible for mobilization until May 17th, GRRRRRR. Does anyone see my frustration? At this point to be honest with you I just want him to go so he can come back. We have been making lists and plans of things we need to do and get done before he leaves. I don't want this to drag out any longer than it has to! GRRRRRRRR. My frustration cup runneth over.

My birthday weekend was very nice though, starting with the boy and I picking up his lasik records (which they screwed up and put the wrong date on), then a mixed case of wine from one of my favorite wine stores, a trip through a newly opened Trader Joes, a very nice dinner, Meet the Robinson's in 3-D no less which was a wonderful movie, then the boy and I decided we didn't want the night to end and went to see Reign on Me which was also a wonderful movie. We hit some estate sales which was a lot of fun, then Super Target, then met up with about 22 friends, my sister and the kids at the Exel Energy Center for the MN Swarm Lacrosse game which was a ton of fun! A great group of people and most had never seen lacrosse played before.

Afterwards my friends and I headed over to a local Irish pub to enjoy a birthday beverage or two and we decided to go upstairs, BUT there was a private party happening. . . .we were asked to stay at a table, it was only half of my group, but we couldn't locate the other half so we did. Well, when the guest of honor, the birthday boy started looking at us funny, I went with it, noticed the banner and said, "Pat, Pat, it's me, Jilly, you don't remember me? I am SHOCKED" he stumbled and fumbled, then he asked if we had ummmm you know, and I said, "nice, I guess I was that memorable". Now at this point my friends including the boy are wondering whether or not I do truly know this person. I gave the boy a wink as this guy Pat's wife approached, who also happened to be about my height with long blonde straight hair. Well of course the boy could not hold back and he goes, "someone's got a type. . .". Needless to say this did not go over well with wifey poo, shortly later we were asked to leave the party, when we didn't leave fast enough we were shown the door and escorted out. Sheesh, some people can just not take a joke!

Sunday my family came over and we all headed out for a very nice birthday brunch celebration. We had a really good time and I had a ton of fun celebrating my birthday with everyone. Could not have asked for a better birthday celebration and I was lucky enough to still be able to do it with the boy here. Thanks for all of my birthday wishes from all of you as well!


Libby said...

Jilly, you are too much! Wifey poo may have been shooting daggers but we're all laughing over here! We hit the lacrosse field too, it was a beautiful weekend for it. :)

workinthatpreppy said...

I have two boys...but I am anxious justbecause he is starting high school next year. I can NOT imagine your anxiety. I truly feel for you. oh, and happy birthday too