Monday, February 05, 2007


Yeah! I am all done! My last day at work was Friday and I accepted an offer with Perficient Consulting. I am SO excited. last week I had several offers on the table and wanted to make a decision by Friday. I had been offered another position internally that I had verbally accepted, but then this other position came along and they made the offer WAY too attractive. So I start the 19th and now have two weeks off. I am really going to enjoy these two weeks, I have so many projects that I want to get done.

I am house and dog sitting for my sister this week while she and her family are down in FL at DisneyWorld, and boy did they pick a good week since it has not gotten above zero here since last Thursday! It has been SO cold. I do not like this at ALL! Like I said I have a ton of projects I want to get done from cleaning up email in boxes to scrapbooking and getting my trunk finished.

I went out last Thursday to celebrate with "J". We had a really good time and a lot of fun just catching up and having girl time. I did stay at the boys, but that was because it was just too cold to go home! Friday I made dinner for us and then we saw Babel which was very good. It was slower, but it was good. Saturday the boy and I, despite the -39 below zero windchill, headed out to a few estate sales. We had a really good time and he found some trucks he really wanted. I did see a couple of vintage Schwinn bicycles, and almost bought one of them, but they did need some work, and this guy came by and said that he thought I needed a red one and would be able to find one, and that they needed too much work. But for $18, I am kind of bummed that I passed. I will still hope that we will find more. I also am still kicking myself. I passed on an Ethan Allen three piece entertainment center that I liked and it was only $58. I was trying to justify spending money unnecessarily over the next two weeks since I am not working. But I did double my salary, so I think I was just thinking too much. Even the boy said he should have encouraged me more. Oh well, we both said that we always see something. We went to see "The Queen" after that which I really enjoyed, but the boy and I did disagree about the treatment of Diana by the royal family. I just do not think that there is ever a reason to treat anyone like that, he said he thinks we do not have all of the facts about what happened behind closed doors. Oh well. We had a couple of friends ("J" and Justin) over for a lasagna dinner, a good fire, some wine and a little Nip/Tuck that night which was nice, it was SO cold outside! Sunday we had brunch at this fantastic place with another couple, went for a long skyway walk and checked out my new office which is in a really cool building downtown with exposed bricks and beams. It was nice to get the long walk in, because with this weather you just feel like you are not getting any exercise in. We headed out to the boys parents for the Superbowl and dinner which was nice and then I have been here at my sister's since.

I have lots of projects at home that I will get to next week, and I have also planned a couple of lunches with friends, but I am looking forward to some down time. We are going to see "Delirium" this weekend, the boy has drills, so I will be on my own most of the weekend.

My last day of work last Friday, I could not have been happier. I don't think I have ever left a job and been so excited to leave. It is just amazing to me that one person can change your occupational outlook so much. I cannot wait to start this new position and move on. I am going to be traveling a lot more, but that is okay I think as long as I still have some time to be at home as well. Wait and see I guess. Well, I guess I should get to some of my projects!

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J said...

Congratulations on the job and enjoy your two weeks off!