Monday, February 12, 2007

Project Completed!

Well Friday I picked up our tickets to Delirium and then the boy and I went to meet my parents for dinner and one of our favorite Vietnamese place, something different which was good. The boy had drills this past weekend, and he had a big presentation that he needed to give as well.

Saturday my mom and I babysat for the family friend, whose son is in the hospital, their grand daughter who is 10 months, and SO cute! We had a lot of fun and my mom got her baby fix in. They had a family meeting with the doctors and did not get good news. It is so hard to imagine anyone going through this, but even harder to watch such good friends go through this. I know that my mother feels as though it is her own child in the hospital and just feels helpless. There is a caringbridge site which is how everyone is staying updated and I am glad that they have that, it is a good way to keep all of his friends, whom his family does not really know, informed as to what is going on. It is hard to read though, all of the guestbook entries and such. When my mom signs it I always wind up bawling. They don't think that he is going to make it home unfortunately but they are hoping that he makes it 0ut of ICU so that he can have visitors and people can say good-bye.

We went to nice dinner at a restaurant in the downtown Marriott called Northwoods Grill. I was worried because I had not heard anything about it and the decor was not all that great, but the food was fabulous. The show was just amazing. I had been to 7 different Cirque du Soleil shows, but this one was tremendous. I don't think that the boy enjoyed it as much as I did, but I thought the artistic creativity was beyond anything I had ever seen.

Sunday we made a stop by one of our favorite occasional sales, The Cottage Shop and then headed up to the boys parents for dinner. We had a nice dinner and his dad and cousin had just gotten back from snowmobiling in Michigan. I have never been, but I think that it would be VERY cold, so I am not sure that I would enjoy it.

Today we finished my cedar chest and ran some errands and such. I will try to get some pictures up later in the week. This time off is flying by and I am still trying to squeeze everything in. I am hoping to get to everything!


Libby said...

Your family friend's son is in my thoughts and prayers.

lisagh said...

The chest looks fab! (I could have said "your chest" but I thought that could be easily misconstrued and inappropriate.