Thursday, February 08, 2007

Enjoying down time!

So here it is Thursday and while I am crossing a ton off of my Ta-Da list, I have NOT left the house since I got here Sunday night! Can you even imagine? When I say that I do not like cold weather that is an understatement! I HATE the really really cold weather and if it is going to be this cold, and if I have a choice, why would I WANT to go outside.

Monday I didn't do much of anything, but I did make dinner for the boy and I and he came over and we watched our shows together. Tuesday I caught up on some computer clean up which was good and made dinner for the boy and I. The neighbor girl came over with her mom whom I adore and I typed up her science fair project for her which was fun for me. The boy brought a bottle of wine which was nice too. I made little scrapbooks for two of my girls out East to send them for V-day next week, that was a lot of fun yesterday, but literally took the whole entire day to do both of them. I had a lot of fun doing it, but it is time consuming. The boy liked the way they turned out and I would like to do one for the two of us, maybe I will. . . .

I am going to make some dinner tonight too, and the boy and I will go over his presentation for the Navy one last time, I have to admit it looks really good and I am impressed with his knowledge of all of the ships. We have not spoken about the possibility of him coming off of medical leave next week and getting new deployment orders, but we will see if they say anything this weekend.

I am looking forward to going to Delirium on Saturday, should be a lot of fun. I have lots of projects I want to get to at my house next week as well! I think it is finally supposed to get above zero next week. . . .

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Libby said...

Sometimes it's so nice and cozy just to stay in and get things done, isn't it? What's Delirium?