Thursday, January 04, 2007

Notes on a Scandal

No my life is not scandalous, at least not that I know of. We saw the premiere of the movie last night with Dame Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett. It has been nominated for a couple of Golden Globes and I am always up for a free movie so we figured what the heck. It was interesting to say the least and it was different, but we all really enjoyed it.

I got home and whipped up some lasagna and a salad so that we could have a homecooked meal instead of eating out. So the boy, his friend "W" and I had a quick bite and went over to the movie. It was a nice evening out, the movie was good, nice dinner and the boys took all of my separated recycling down to the curb for pick up this morning. Did I mention I had 12 bags of recycling? It is good to purge.

Tonight I am meeting with a wine educator at a new wine bar in the warehouse district. It should be interesting, we are going to talk about a format for the wine clubs next event which is a casual BYOB tasting at my house. Is my house ready for it? Well, let's just say I am glad the boy has drills this weekend so that I can get some things done. I am looking forward to it, right now we have 25 confirmed and 5 of my friends who are not in the wine club coming. There are usually about 10 who change their mind that day and are no shows so I am fine with the number. I will set up tasting stations is what I am thinking and I will also have some appetizers out. If this is a success I may do more, but we will see how the first one goes. I have been contacted by a couple other wine educators so maybe we could do something like this monthly, just have to wait and see, but I am glad that the wine club has turned into such a success.

I may not have mentioned this last month with everything else going on, but through the wine club a guy that I knew from out East found me here in the Twin Cities. He was the best friend of a guy that I dated out East and he moved here back in September. He was leaving the gym one night and saw some people doing a wine tasting and thought, you know, I bet that would be a good way to meet people here. So, he got home, googled wine tasting in the Twin Cities and the first link that he clicked on was the wine club I started and up popped my picture and he could not believe it and sent me an email right away. I called him the next day and was very happy to hear from him, he is a really nice guy and I know how hard it can be to meet people here. He has been to one event so far and I have been out with him one other time besides that. Funny what a small world it can be.

I am enjoying some of the extra curriculars that I have created for myself now. I have the wine club, two book clubs, the Get Fit Twin Cities group that starts next week, a dinner club that "J" started and I am thinking of starting a girls film club. There are some great classic films out there that I would like to see or see again and then talk about. I have a couple of people in mind that might enjoy it and so I am thinking about starting one. I have netflix, so getting a film per month would not be difficult. We will have to see. I would like to play more tennis, but right now one I am not physically able for another three weeks and two, I don't really have people to play with where I live now, but I am hoping that will change too. Maybe the spring will be better for that anyway. I do miss my tennis though. I could just go up to the club and play with the machine too, that might give me the opportunity to meet some people at the club too. . . .just thoughts!


lisagh said...

A film club is such a great idea! And more excuses to eat yummy popcorn. Mmmm.

jillskict said...

I LOVE popcorn, which is one of the reasons I love the movies! Have you tried Black Jewel Popcorn?

lisagh said...

I've never heard of Black Jewel... I must look into it immediately! Sounds so mysterious.

jillskict said...

If you can't find it over the border, let me know and I will send you some, it is definitely worth a try!