Friday, January 05, 2007


Met with the wine educator last night at this great new little wine bar over in the warehouse district called Toast. Prior to going over I googled it and read the review in the Star Trib which was very favorable. I also happened to notice that I recognized the owners name as someone I may have gone to HS with. Upon meeting the wine guy, I mentioned this to him and he immediately turned to this woman and asked her where she had attended school, they were friends. As it turns out she had graduated a year ahead of me. I went to a mid-size HS and graduated with about 300-400. I was involved in a lot of activities and such, so I knew everyone at least by face but after moving out East did not really remain in contact with anyone here. It was nice to see her though and how well she and her new place were doing. I also met her husband who was also very nice and was the former owner of a very good Twin Cities restaurant. We talked about doing an upcoming event for the Wine Club at her place too. That would be a lot of fun. Small world, this is why my dad always tells me to be on my best behavior when I am in public, you just never know where that six degrees is going to be.

When the boy and I were at Ikea last Friday two gentlemen went walking by and the boy thought that he heard them say my name, then he thought he heard it again. Then I heard it. I turned around and the older gentleman looked vaguely familiar, then it clicked. I had babysat his son, who was with him, from the time he was a baby until he was older (I was about 17 when I stopped babysitting him but I started when I was about 10). I also babysat his little brother from the time he was born. These two "boys" are now 24 and 27 and the oldest who was there was getting married Sunday. It was so surreal. I had not seen them in about 18 years and the fact that they recognized me that quickly cracked me up. It was fun to catch up and talk to them quickly, but again, that whole small world stuff.

We are off to the movies tonight, I think that we are going to be seeing "Children of Men" which looks really good. The boy is being commissioned this weekend. He took some tests and such a couple of months ago and he was the only one from his unit who advanced and is being moved up the ranks. This is a good and a bad thing I guess. This means that he will be given more managerial responsibility and will go up a paygrade level. This will make it harder for him to make the decision about renewing his contract this fall and also moves him up the list for deployment again once he comes off of the medical hold in February. Makes me nervous. He brought his uniform with him and will stay with me this weekend though which is nice. He is really getting to be a "city" boy. The 'burbs are for the birds in my books now, boy do I love being so much closer to everything and being able to hop here and there. He seems to be enjoying it as well. I think that I only get to spend about two nights a week by myself. I know that this is all still new though, so I am not going to get too anxious about it yet. Plus, if he does get deployed, being able to spend time together right now is a bonus.

Hope you all have a good weekend, I am going to be getting ready for the wine tasting next week! Oh and working on my caption for the polar bears :)


lisagh said...

I think wine and caption writing will go well together!!! (that's why half of us in advertising are a bunch of drunken sots - ideas come better!)

good luck!

jillskict said...

Okay, so I carried the picture with me all weekend, and we did discuss it over cocktails but it was Saturday afternoon and we wound up cocktailing from the afternoon to the early evening so I did miss the deadline, but everyone really enjoyed the exercise and came up with some good captions. They also thought it was a really good idea!