Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Backwards Upside Down

So last night I made the invitations for my nephews "Backward Upside Down" 8th Birthday party. It should be fun. We did the invitations so that you have to turn the piece of paper upside down and then read it in the mirror. We will start with cake and ice cream, then pizza, games, and then presents. Also instead of giving each of the kids a goody bag, we will have them choose a gift and wrap it to take home. All of the kids will be wearing their clothes backwards as well. Jack was really excited that the boy is going to come to the party and Jack is very excited about that as well. He of course asked that I help him pick out a gift which should not be too tough. Jack delivered most of the invitations last night, and it looks like all of the kids are coming. So 18 kids and 4 adults. . . .that should be the interesting part!

I drew up the papers for the boys will and power of attorney forms, he just needs to figure out who is going to witness for him. He met with his financial planner last night and he is getting his affairs in order which is just weird, and sad.

Working on the house tonight, should go on the market Friday which is nice, that will free up some of the boy's time as well which is nice, but he has class hours to do before he goes as well, 40 hours worth! We are going to see The Prestige on Friday which I have been so excited to see since the first review came out for it, I cannot wait for that! I feel like it has been a long week already, work has been a killer, but just two more days worth!

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