Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Another Day!

The boy and I spent last night just having dinner, sharing some wine, and talking. About of course, what else, his pending departure and what the future holds for him (the us part of that can wait until this sinks in more of course). He is very stressed, and really I don't blame him, I know I would be too. We looked at pictures of the last house that he flipped, he was working on it at this time last year and it sold the week we started dating in April. We also looked at the pictures of his house and the ongoing work and projects he has done on his own house. That boy is always busy I can tell you that much, but I absolutely love that about him. One thing you could never call him is lazy. Rarely does he just sit around and do nothing, but when he does, he treasures those moments. He wrote me a very sweet email this morning saying how glad he was that he has me and that I am here for him during this very stressful time in his life. It is the little things that count and he really made me feel good.

This is VERY corny, but I have saved every email that he has sent to me and that I have sent back to him. I am SO glad right now that I did that. The number is over 4000 but I am going to have them to go back and read and re-read while he is away and it will remind me of the times that we have spent together the times that we have to look forward to when he gets back. In a lot of ways when we first started dating, because we did not have a lot of free time to spend together, we spent a lot of time getting to know one another over email. I am really glad that we did that too, I guess in a way that is like a long distance relationship. He is not a big phone person so we had a couple of lengthy chats at first, but beyond that not so much. We do talk on the phone every day, but again, it is just a hi, how are you, how was your day, what are you up to kind of a thing. Since I made the switch over to this job in July he calls me every day when he leaves work too, just to see how my day is going and to say hi. I think at my old job, being in cubes and such he didn't want to bother me, having my own office I guess makes a difference. I have taken a lot of pictures too, but I know I will be taking more over the next couple of weeks.

My nephew Jack who turns 8 November 4th wanted to make sure that he was going to be here for his birthday party on the 3rd. I thought that was very sweet as well (Grant, my little bubbee, well, he has not exactly warmed up to Scott yet and still views him as a threat, asking me if I was with that boy and where I am going, not to see that boy and such. He is my little bubbee though, so I am not too surprised!) so I guess the boy and I will be attending a birthday party on the 3rd.

I made 6 beta acquariums with water plants over the weekend. One for the boy of course, so I brought it over to him last night and he loved it. It is a really pretty deep blue/purple beta. He named it Indigo right away and I have agreed to foster it while he is overseas. I still need to bring mine in for my desk here at work, I wanted something to liven up my office a bit and thought that would be something fun.

So, we made a list of things that he needs to get accomplished before he leaves. Tonight he meets with his financial planner, who is also a college buddy and gets some of his finances taken care of. I get to go and have my haircut, YEAH! It has gotten REALLY long and I have been thinking about what Elizabeth from The Preppy Cafe said about whether or not she is too old to wear such a long length. I am about the same age and mine is about the same length maybe a tad longer. I look terrible with short hair, have only had it above my shoulders twice in my life, once in elementary school and right before my sister got married I donated 18 inches to Locks of Love. It was REALLY short then and I thought my mother was going to have my head on a stick. It really did look terrible on me and made me look about 45 when I was only 26 at the time. My hair was actually SHORTER than my sisters the first and ONLY time that has happened. I will NEVER do that again, who wants to look older? But we did get a list of things together and got some thoughts organized anyway. There are some things that I can help with so I will. First thing I need to do this morning is order him an iPod. He makes SO much fun of mine and how it goes everywhere with me, but I think it is really going to come in handy over there for him. I am going to order it right from apple so that I can have it engraved on the back, then I will load it up with some stuff for him and make a couple of playlists that will remind him of me/us.

So, at least we have a bit of a game plan. One thing he did say, which is beyond sweet is that he wants to make sure that he spends every free moment that he can with me before he leaves. He is also still going to try to have lasik which may be risky because they are putting the guys that have done that on 90 medical hold but I can understand him not wanting to wear his contacts or glasses in the dessert. Busy day, which is good, I will be burying myself in work over the next couple of months I guess. I do want to try to plan a couple of days for us to get away before he leaves, not sure how I am going to do that, but I will have to work on that. My "new" boss just called and assigned two more projects to me, keep it coming I guess at this point, I am going to be really thankful to have all of this work while he is away I think!

Just living is not enough… One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.
— Hans Christian Andersen


Anonymous said...

I love that you kept all of your e-mails. People don't write letters anymore so you have to save something. I have a box full of letters my grandparents wrote to each other before they got married since he lived in NJ and she in Florida. They are really touching and I am glad to have them.

Regarding the hair issue, I toy with the idea of cutting all mine off but I've only had short hair twice in my life so I am not sure what I would do if I couldn't ponytail it!

Bossy Bar-Wife said...

I agree, saving the emails is very romantic. I love that you thought to do that!