Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Weekend and Birthday Update!

Whew! I had such a nice relaxing weekend to myself. And it seems as though I got so much done on my own and I did!

Friday I went to see Hollywoodland with the boy and his friend Wade. We had a really good time and I brought them each a little snack bag packed in a Spiderman paperbag. The movie was pretty good, I have seen others I like better but it was not disappointing. From there I drove down to Elko, MN which might as well have been Iowa as far as I was concerned, for Laurel's birthday party. I got pulled over on my way there for making a U-turn. It was dark, I couldn't see, what can I say. I explained to the officer that I was lost and he gave me a police escort back to Laurel's. I didn't get back home until around 2:00 am, from Iowa to Canada right. Anyway, it was absolutely freezing and every window in the house had been left open of course. I closed what I could, put on sweats and hit the hay.

Saturday I got busy with my errands. I bought a new Sony digital camera which I am really excited about. It had been almost 6 years since I had last bought my digital camera and I was WAY over due. I picked up some dirt to add to the plant that I had put on the boy's front stoop and also picked him up a mum and a planter and got those planted as well. He had reserves this weekend so he wasn't around. I ran into his father though who was showing his brother's house a couple of blocks away. It was nice to see him.

I headed down to S. Minneapolis to The Cottage Store to check out what they had during their occasional sale. They have a lot of these in MN. Sales that run once a month on Thursday through Sunday. I saw a buffet piece that I was interested in, but it was painted black, I was not sure if this would make a good entertainment center or if I would use it in a dining area. I needed to sleep on it though, they were asking $79 and I knew if it was still there Sunday, that I could make an offer.

I stopped by the house and left a note letting them know that I had been by. I love my house and I cannot wait to move in. I headed back towards home. I picked up the small travel steamer I needed from B B & B and then stopped into Circuit City to look at some TV's and see if I did get a good price at Target for my digital camera. I did. I am not sure yet what to do about a TV. I have $200 worth of gift cards at Circuit City and I need a TV. I just cannot decide what kind of money I want to invest in something like this. There are a lot of options and I am still thinking about all of them. Sports Authority was right next door and I needed an exercise mat, so I picked one up and crossed another item off of my Ta Da list!

Next was Marshall's for the boys birthday. A couple of shirts were needed so I picked a couple out for him that I liked, found a couple of items for myself of course and was out of there lickety split. Next was the Thrift store where I scored a fabulous find (I am picking it up on my way home tonight, so I will post a picture tomorrow) a black leather rocking chair from the 40's that is in fabulous shape. And yes, that and the ottoman were a mere $25. I am really excited about that though. Grabbed some more dirt for the boy's mum and headed over there to top off the planter. He was home from drills, so he commented on the plants and how good they looked and then we checked out my digital camera and just hung out and chatted a bit. It was really nice and just easy. He is SUCH a wonderful boy.

Was looking forward to going home to an empty house, grabbed a nice bottle of red and a papa murphy's pizza and a couple of movies. It was nice to just unwind and be home by myself. When I got home I realized that since my tennis had gotten screwed up, and the stupid center did not have me on a league for Monday that I would not be playing this past Monday and we could celebrate the boys birthday Monday. So I spoke to him and you could just tell how pleased he was.

Sunday I spent the day, cleaning, packing, organizing and just going through things. I made so much progress and felt like I would be ready to move whenever. My clothes are still in the progress of being turned over but I am getting there. I got out the door for tennis early so that I could stop by Lowe's to pick up the chimnea for the boy's birthday. I was also hoping to get back to The Cottage House, but there was an accident at the tunnel (probably because it had been raining for hours) so I headed straight to tennis. My match got over in time so that I could get over there though, and it was there, so I asked if they would take $60 on it which they did. I figured even if I had to paint it, it would still be worth it. I pick that up Saturday.

Last night we celebrated the boy's birthday. I was really excited. I ran to Hallmark at lunch and picked up wrapping paper and a good card and got the present wrapped. I made reservations at my favorite M & S, letting them know that it was his birthday. He picked me up at 4:15 and we headed over to Gameworks where we played games and had SO much fun. My stomach muscles still hurt today from laughing so hard. We played skee ball, air hockey, the bowling game and did all of the ride on games, but we really did have a good time. He loved it too and I am looking forward to going back again with him sometime.

Dinner was excellent, could not have been better. As they seated us they said happy birthday to him, I think that surprised both of us, then when we looked at the menu, they had a special menu printed up for both of us that said Happy Birthday "the boy" on the top. Really quite clever. The service was wonderful, the food and wine divine, and another success as the boy loved it.

I drove his car back to where my truck was, from where I had taken the bus. For as much as I complain about driving an SUV I am not sure if I could go back to driving a car, I felt so small. I grabbed my truck and met him over at his house, where I asked him to come and help me with the chimnea. He was really very surprised and he loved it. We had a great fire and drank the bottle of wine that we had picked up together in Stillwater. It was such a romantic evening and I love falling asleep in his arms and being able to wake up and wish his a very happy birthday was so nice as well. He has had a good birthday and is closing on the house that he will flip at the moment. He is very happy and I am so happy for him.

There is one other part of this weekend that I am not ready to write about, and that is the fact that this weekend he found out that he has to get ready to be deployed. More on that later. Too tired, need to go home.

Today is actually the boy's birthday, so Happy Birthday Sweetpea, you mean the world to me!

Put your heart, mind, intellect, and soul even to your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.
-Sri Swami Sivananda

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