Monday, September 11, 2006

We Remember

9/11/2001. I was there. I remember and I respect the people fighting to keep me safe today. It is hard to be so far from there today. At least when I was there, I knew that everyone with me there felt and went through the same if not similar feelings that I did that day. While I know here in MN, people still respect and memorialize the day, but I just think it was different being there. I can't turn on the radio or the news today, for me it is a day of inner reflection and thought. I took the picture last weekend up at the boys lake house. I think it is a beautiful and majestic bird and it symbolizes not only America, but represents our freedom as well.

The boy had reserve duty this past weekend. The Vice Admiral of the Navy was here in town and spoke with them yesterday. He was told to get ready and pack his bags. He will be given 20 to 30 days notice. Not sure yet how I feel about this, very mixed emotions. It could happen it may not, but he has to be prepared. A lot of the guys in his unit are volunteering so that they can "choose" where to go, Afghanistan or Iraq. He is not going to volunteer so if he gets pulled it would be for 6 months and to Iraq. He is an officer, but still. He has one year left before he would have to re-enlist for another 3. Again, I have mixed emotions about this. While I am very proud of him and respect him SO much, it would be hard to let him go. We are going out to celebrate his birthday tonight. More on that and the weekend tomorrow, today is just a good day to reflect.

Memory... is the diary that we all carry about with us.
— Oscar Wilde

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Anonymous said...

Oh Jilly I so know exactly what you mean. I woke up to the Today Show and had to turn it off. I will always remember but I do not want to dwell.
Losing loved ones is always hard but like you losing my friends in 9/11 is/was horrifying.
It is times and days like this that I truly feel SO very far away from "home".