Tuesday, August 22, 2006

One More Day!

Tomorrow I leave for out East. I cannot wait. I cannot wait to feel comfortable and like I am home again. There are so many differences between here and there, but mostly I just miss my friends. I probably will not have time to post anything, but I am sure that when I get back I will have a ton of new adventures to post about.

I picked up the rest of our tickets for the Vikings home opener last night. It should be a really good time. I am going to wait to see what the weather is like before I plan our tailgating or restaurant outing.

Afterwards, I got home, grilled a steak with some mushrooms, poured a glass of wine and hung out and watched Prisonbreak with my sister. This season looks like it will be pretty good. There are a lot of new Fall tv shows coming out, but my sister and I both agreed that we do not want to get sucked into anything else, it might be hard though. I didn't watch Lost at all last season but really liked the first season. It is getting to the point though where I am just like why bother, it is going to come out on DVD anyway. I can't wait for the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy though.

After Prisonbreak was over, we went over to the neighbors to hang out for some driveway time. I REALLY like my sister's neighbor across the street (that is a picture of the three of us from Saturday), she is just so nice and really fun to be around. So we had some cocktails, I had my wine and they had Vodka Lemonades which sounded good, but I figured I better stick with the vino which I love anyway. Her uncle came over who lives next door, and don't get me wrong, I really like him, and he was a blast at the party Saturday, but the way that he talks when women are present I think is very direspectful. Maybe I am a prude or old fashioned like that, but I just do not think that men should speak crudely or curse when women are present. Especially an older gentleman.

So, I didn't get laundry done, I didn't get packed. . . .and now I will be rushed to pack. But I figure as long as I have a good list it should not be a problem. We don't have any real set plans for the week anyway other than the Open, so as far as bringing clothes go it will be polos, khakis, jeans, tees and flip flops with a skirt or dress thrown in for good measure. I will definitely be bringing a couple of my favorite Summer skirts with as it will be my last chance to wear a few of them before Labor Day. Anything I forget I can always buy anyway, I am sure there will be some good shopping taking place next week as well, I cannot wait for that! I need to finalize the guest list for a get together Thursday so that I have the opportunity to see everyone, then of course I will want to have some one on one time with a few of my girls too. Need to make a list of the regular haunts that I want to hit while there as well. Should be a really fun week.

I am all registered for my regular season tennis league and I am playing at a new club which will be closer to work and my new place if I ever get there. But they emailed this morning looking for subs a couple of nights and I am having a hard time deciding. I would like to play mixed doubles, but the league is playing on Friday nights. I am not sure that I would want to give up every Friday night, but a night here or there would not be so bad. There is also the opportunity to sub for Women's singles on Sunday afternoon, I think I will definitely do that, but it would mean probably missing some really good Sunday football, I guess here and there would not be so bad though. I would like to ask the boy what he thinks, but I am sure he will just say, sign up for both, can't hurt. He really is very supportive, especially of my tennis and my tennis time. At first I sorta took it as he wants me busy so he doesn't have to spend so much time with me (I know stupid insecure thinking, but I am a girl) but now I see him for who he really is and I have been taking the time to get to know him and I know that he really just wants to support me in whatever I do and love and that he just wants to see me happy. I am a lucky girl.

One more post tomorrow morning and then it is off to NY!

Today's Quote
The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you.
— John E. Southard

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