Thursday, July 20, 2006

Here I am

I know I need to do this more often, I am writing it down as one of my goals. So, I started a new job yesterday at WellsFargo. Still downtown which is great and so far so good. I really needed to do this along time ago and really wish I would have. The only one holding me back was myself. So this is a start, I am hoping it goes well and challenges me like I need to be.

I am still dating the boy. It has been just over three months and while there have been a couple of bumps (by no means ANYTHING serious) everything has been wonderful. He is truly an exceptional person and I love spending time with him and learning more about him every day. Sometimes I wish that we had more time to spend together, but we work through those things. I am a very lucky person, to have someone so wonderful in my life.

I am still at my sister's. Hopefully not too much longer, but one thing at a time. The job, now I need to get settled there before I can disrupt my life any further. I have a lot of things I want to do and accomplish prior to moving out of there, so I need to focus on those things as well.

I cut J & A out of my life. There was one last outburst from J and another trust issue with A, and I just could not deal with things anymore and wondered why once again I was lowering my standards especially when it came to something as important as your closest friends. I could not deal with the J drama which seemed to come out every now and again and just be so huge. Too much for me, but then again, everything for a reason. I will make some new friends I am sure, and I have a wonderful new person in my life who I love spending time with, so I need to focus on all of the good.

Tennis is tennis. I need to play more and focus on my game.

Organization. I need to be better organized, set my goals and work towards achieving them.

I have a lot that I want to do, now I just need to work on getting there.

Off to work on my list of goals. . . .

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