Thursday, February 02, 2006

Moving On

So, I posted a missed connection on Craig's List to get my thoughts out about the boy from work. I got some good feedback, and I am happy because it made me realize that I am insane ;) and I need to realize that I deserve better. So I am moving on.

Went to dinner last night at El Meson with A. Loved it, both of us did. We had a half price bottle of Argentinian wine, which they corked and let me bring the rest home. We shared a couple of Tapas and an entree but everything was really good. But the reason why we went to begin with was because there was singles group getting together there and we wanted to check them out. I am glad we did it that way. It was a table full of single women with one guy. While the women all looked nice enough, I have enough girlfriends here, and I know that you never know who you will meet through someone, but just having dinner with A. was fine by me. Missed J. though, she has been in Dallas since Tuesday. I have been catching up with her via IM, it has been fun to hear about her antics down there with D. and J. and the interaction between R.P. and her.

Yesterday was my one year anniversary here at the HQ for the major retailer in downtown Mpls. that I work for. When I took the position I said six months, then I said I year. And here I am. My company I know really wants me to take this position for the bank. They want me to make the decision by the end of the day today. I am not sure. I really want to stay downtown and cannot imagine being anywhere else. Since I am going to be moving in with my sister, that is a lot of change. I am not sure that I can do it all. I am going to ask for the weekend to think about it, and discuss it with family and a couple of friends. I have really just gotten settled here and made some friends. I am just not being challenged which is what I need.

Going to a networking event tonight. Should be fun. J. is going and hopefully H. but it should be interesting. Have not met anyone yet from match, and have not really had any interesting emails. Not sure what I need to do to take that to the next level. Meeting with the girls Sunday for brunch. I think I need an attitude adjustment.

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