Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Rambling Thoughts

So the past couple of weeks have been interesting. I have been trying to keep busy, but I think I have been losing focus, okay I know I have.

I have been trying to do new things, and have done some new things with my friend J. We tried going out one night to Martini Blu, it was terrible, no crowd at all, but the sushi was wonderfull. Along with another friend A. we have been trying some different places for HH. The Local, Scmicks and McCormicks, Newsroom, Bar Abilene and we have been frequenting Bellanotte (good wine). Have we met anyone out yet? No. So is it working? I am going to have to go with no on that one. But I like trying different places.

We also started a singles support group, encouraging one another to try different things for dating. We are going to meet twice a month for brunch, talk about what is working what is not. Share different thoughts about new things to try, and support one another. Our first "meeting" of the Vixen Tails was January 22nd at J.'s. We went away with homework (read Dr. Phil's book Love Smart). I have gotten about 100 or so pages into it and while I think there is a ton of good information in it, I am not sure any of it is working yet. J. and A. also got me to sign up for Match.com , I have not met anyone yet, but I have exchanged a couple of emails with a couple of different people. I am finding the whole process exasperating and tiresome. It requires a lot of time, and it also gives me anxiety. The boy from work also fell into the picture a little bit. You would have thought I would have learned the first time. . . I guess I didn't. But at least this time I know better and I am not going to let him hurt me like he did the last time. I have been disappointed in him twice in the last week. I should really just keep my distance. I will try.

As far as my goals for 2006 go. I am still working towards them. I have had a couple of interviews with a big bank here in MN. The job would be in Eagan though, and I really don't think I am ready to leave downtown. I do love working down here. I have spoken to my guy C. and while I think he understands what I want to do, he has a ton going on with his own family and work so I don't think I am really a priority. I could just update my resume and start submitting it to jobs that look good. But I don't want to burn any bridges either. My "friend" B. is in the process of taking this vocational assessment and I am wondering if maybe I shouldn't think about that. I still need to either get my head in the game here, or move on. I am just so bored here.

Okay here comes my big vent. I HATE WHERE I AM LIVING. . .

T. my roommate/landlord is making me nuts. He really is just a jerk. . . this past Friday he sends me an email at 3:30 letting me know that he is having a dinner party at 6. All I was looking forward to doing was grabbing a DVD, some popcorn and crawling into bed. That didn't happen, but I was too tired to do anything really so I did finally go home at 8, had to park in the street (heaven forbid he should be courteous enough to leave me a spot) and when I woke up in the morning, my car had been hit. Took the side mirror and everything. I really want to just to find something in South Minneapolis around the lakes and live by myself and have my own things. But I need more money to do that and have what I want. I am also waiting to kind of see what shakes down with the job situation. So my sister wants me to move in with them. They are basically going to charge me half of what I am paying now, so I would save some money, and they could use the money, but I would not have my own space or any alone time. But I think I am going to do it. UGH! This is a tough one.

I have a HUGE pile of laundry at home, which basically has not gotten done because I can't stand being there. My room is a mess and I have a ton of things that I want to do there, but cannot stand being there with him. I guess I should just move and be done with it.

Need to look into achieving all of my goals this year. Really need to get fit again, I feel so much better when I am. This should help me set and achieve my goals.

Off to do some of that, some real work, and listen to my iPod which needs to be organized. . . .

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