Monday, January 19, 2015

On the Menu Monday (MPM) - Week 4 - 2015

Last week just seemed to fly by, not sure why? Of course we didn't get to everything we wanted to, and having my parents in town changed things up a bit, but we had a good week.
We did not get to HH on Wednesday, we are going to try again this week, but I am not holding my breath with this group. We also did not make the walleye, again, because I wound up picking my parents up from the airport, so I just grabbed takeout on the way home. 
Friday, we had two couples for dinner and we had such a good time. I have been craving Ina Garten's lamb roast, and it turned out really well and we had people going back for thirds even.
I also did a crostini bar for appetizers. We had leftover beef tenderloin which was perfect, along with some cave blue cheese, horseradish and olive tapenade. Next time I think I would add garlic roasted tomatoes, caramelized onions and a brie, or some kind of cheese. 
The salad that we started with was a recipe from my favorite local grocery store. Blueberry, Manchego, Walnut Salad. I loved the dressing for this salad, it was delicious. Dessert was very easy, we just had chocolate truffles with mixed berries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. It was a really nice evening.
We needed a refresher in our guest bathroom, so I bought a new shower curtain, new rug and new shower hooks. It really brightened things up! A nice inexpensive change!
Saturday, after our family friends funeral, we stopped in to my sisters to see her new kitten, she is SO cute! Really takes me back to when Stella was that small. 
After we decided to catch Birdman. We like to try to see all of the movies that are nominated for the Oscars. We enjoyed this one, Scott more than I did, but I can definitely see why Michael Keaton was nominated. After we grabbed a bite to eat out, nothing fancy, but it was good.

Sunday we had a family lunch to celebrate G & G's birthdays. I cannot believe they will be 14 on Thursday. But boy, can you tell they are teenagers. I don't remember being so grumpy all the time at that age, but they really aren't a lot of fun. Grant would not even take a picture with me.

I started getting a tickle in my throat last night, and I am not feeling that great today, so not sure if our plans this week will hold up, but fingers crossed. 

Plans - Our neighbors just got back from a two week cruise, so they are coming over to tell us about their travels. 
Breakfast and Lunch - Fruit, Leftovers from Saturday, spaghetti and meatball
Dinner - Joey Nova's pizza, our favorite
Plans - We have not taken advantage of the $5 movie night at our local theater yet, and Scott is really looking forward to seeing American Sniper. 
Breakfast and Lunch - Egg and Fruit, Leftovers, probably broccoli and something
Dinner - Yard House, I love this place
Plans - we are going to try, for the third week in a row, to get together with former co-workers for HH. Can't believe that we have such a hard time getting together. 
Breakfast and Lunch - fruit, leftovers and a salad
Dinner - HH @ Bacio
Plans - getting together with a girlfriend who I always enjoy seeing for HH.
Breakfast and Lunch - eggs, fruit, leftovers and a salad
Dinner - using up some of the leftover lamb and making gyros
Plans - oh boy am I in for fun now. I have a root canal scheduled for the afternoon, so it will be a low key night with some DVR or movies on demand.
Breakfast and Lunch - eggs, fruit, salad
Dinner - I am thinking the only thing I am going to feel like eating is soup.
Saturday and Sunday
Plans - We haven't made plans yet for the weekend. I am sure we will try to get another movie or two in that have been nominated for awards.
For more meal plans and links to recipes, check out the orgjunkie.

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