Monday, April 28, 2014

On the Menu Monday (MPM) - Week 18

So, seriously, where have the last 6 weeks gone? We have been really busy lately. Between both sets of our parents getting back from AZ, working on the living room transformation and celebrating my birthday, having guests in town and of course WORK! 
This past weekend was a ton of fun. Friday started with having a fantastic lunch with an awesome former co-worker, I always love catching up with him (and he brought me back a ton of batteries from TRF for CHEAP!). They make their own raspberry lemonade which is absolutely delicious!
Then we decided to do an impromptu dinner with friends J & T and our neighbors B & P. I decided to try a new recipe, I did a pasta with grilled steak and a gorgonzola cream sauce. I had seen it on the menu at lunch and it sounded really good. I think next time I would try it with chicken. We played Cards of Humanity, oh my, it was the first time for all of us. Needless to say, my stomach hurt from laughing so hard the next morning. 
Saturday we spent the day running errands and getting ready for a little wine club get together. We had friends staying with us from Aurora, CO. They moved away last summer, and stayed with us for a long weekend. It was so good to see them and catch up. Great excuse to get the wine club together too! We had a great time and picked out some great desserts to go with the wine!

Here is what on tap for this week.
Plans - Home, We both need it after this weekend. Early to bed!
Breakfast and Lunch - Banana peanut butter and toast, fruit.
Dinner - Salmon with lemon and dill, rice

Plans - Our neighbors lower level flooded so we are having them over for dinner.
Breakfast and Lunch - Cottage cheese and fruit, leftover pizza
Dinner - Chicken parmesan, salad and beautiful delicious desserts (see above)

Plans - Out to dinner. Eat Street Social is quickly becoming one of our favorite restaurants, SO good and they change their menu seasonally, This is their last week of their winter menu. 
Breakfast and Lunch - Peanut butter and banana toast, leftover chicken parm
Dinner - Out

Plans - Silver Oak Wine Dinner at Ruths Chris
Breakfast and Lunch - Cottage cheese and berries, something light, big dinner planned
Dinner - the menu looks amazing!

Plans - not so much fun, doctors appointments in the afternoon, so just a half day of work and then it is mani pedi time and some errands!
Breakfast and Lunch - Cottage cheese and berries
Dinner - wasn't really hungry, so we just popped some popcorn

Plans - We were going to go salsa dancing and out to dinner with friends. But our neighbors had to put their dog down after a battle with cancer and they really had a tough time with this, so we decided to do an impromptu derby day dinner and had our friends J & T over as well, and of course their puppy. Puppy kisses always help. 
Breakfast and Lunch - Peanut butter banana and toast.
Dinner - Coleslaw, homemade mac and cheese, ham and rolls

Plans - clean out the garage, organize the house. We have been going things, rooms, closets one by one and purging and paring down. We took a load to my mom's shop and a load to Goodwill.
Breakfast and Lunch - Leftover ham and some cheese on a roll. And then we failed on our 30 day challenge. After we dropped some stuff off at my mom's shop, we were both hungry and Taco John's was calling our name.
Dinner - Popcorn again, we just weren't that hungry after having a late lunch at Taco John's.

I did pick this up at my mom's shop, makes a great spring time addition to our 1/2 bath.

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