Thursday, January 30, 2014

Weekend at the Lake

We have good friends L & J who have an awesome lake house in Spooner, WI. We have been fortunate to be invited up with them for the weekend on quite a few occasions. I love having friends that we can get away with on the weekend where it is just completely low key, we don't have to worry about having "something to do" and we have tons of laughs. 
The boy and I took most of Friday off and left around lunch time. It was nice that we could get up there while it was still light out. It was fun to actually be able to see some scenery. You see a lot of "sleds", the normal MN and WI winter transportation.
We pulled into the lake house shortly after L & J, which was perfect timing. L planned homemade pizza for dinner. I love it, she makes her pizza dough in her bread machine, it is really easy to do, and delicious. She made the first one, and I did the second one (with help of course). 

Saturday, after a nice relaxing morning, we headed into town for a couple of quick errands and then back for some relaxing. The boys went ice fishing for a while, L had a nap, and I sat curled up on the couch with books, my idea of an awesome Saturday. After L got up, we had a little HH with a nice cheese plate while we started the bread for dinner. 

I was SO looking forward to just total veg time, kicking back and reading cookbooks with L, sipping wine, watching movies and cooking lots of good food.

I was especially excited for this weekend as L was going to teach me how to bake bread. 

The bread was fantastic. We ate some with dinner Saturday night, chicken parmesan, and the boy had a sandwich out of one of the round loaves and said it was one of the best sandwiches he had in long time. She has a bread maker which she does the dough in, but then she shapes it and kneads it and lets it rise on sheet pans, and bakes it in the oven. It really works well.

We went to get a bread machine for me to make dough in from a second hand store, and we found one, but it didn't work quite right. So, we are back on the hunt for another one. L makes all sorts of different breads, I can't wait to try it as well. Even though I am not eating bread on a regular basis right now, it is a fun treat to have.

 The drive back got a little dicey. The snow was really coming down and the wind was really blowing. White out conditions, but we made it back home safely which was a good thing. 

The scenery was really pretty! So nice to be able to get away for the weekend with good friends! 

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