Monday, January 20, 2014

On the Menu Monday (MPM) - Week 4

What a busy weekend, feel like it just flew by!
Friday we were able to catch an early movie, Hunger Game - Catching Fire, we also tried a new (to us) restaurant. Look for a review later this week!
Saturday was a spa day with my girlfriend C. It was fabulous. I had a full body exfoliation, and with the dry cold winter we have had, it was just what my skin needed. I cannot believe how smooth and soft my skin feels. Really makes me think about taking better care of my skin and making sure that I am using lots of lotion on a regular basis. That was followed up by an hour massage that left me feeling like a wet noodle. I sat in the steam room for a good bit, opening up my pores which after the exfoliation and body treatment, was just what I needed. 
Saturday evening we joined friends out for dinner at Capital Grille. Love that place. We have a favorite server there and the GM is wonderful and always happy to see us. We brought some great wines and just had a fabulous dinner and conversation. 
Sunday was our big day with a jam packed day. We started with brunch at a little cafe not far from our house. It was wonderful and I knew it would stick with me most of the day. After brunch we turned in some old phones for bill credit, we had some OLD phones, but nice that they gave us credit for them. The boys cousin and his wife had a baby last Monday, Mallory Grey (love that name) and we could not wait to go and visit. She is just beautiful!
After, we headed to the bowling alley to celebrate my niece and nephew, G & G's birthdays! Pizza, soda, chicken wings and bowling, who could ask for more? We had a really good time, even though we did not bowl very well, it was a ton of fun! Sister selfies too!

Even  sibling photo bomb!
Here is what we have going on this week! There were a couple of recipes from last week that I will be carrying over to this week that we didn't get to make or changed up.
Plans - Target, Gym
Breakfast and Lunch - Yogurt, berries, salad
Dinner -Turkey taco meat (for salad and leftovers this week), I am also going to make a cauliflower soup to have for lunches as well. I will probably post the soup, I am excited to see how it turns out.

Plans - Gym, Home
Breakfast and Lunch - Yogurt, berries, salad
Dinner - Chicken breasts stuffed with spinach and feta (from last week, we switched things up)

Plans - HH with former co-workers, Ahi Tuna Crisps, NUM!
Breakfast and Lunch - Cottage Cheese, Berries, Salad
Dinner - Out for HH

Plans - Out to dinner, maybe a movie
Breakfast and Lunch - Yogurt, Berries, Salad
Dinner - Out with the boys parents for dinner.

Plans - Taking a the day off and heading up to the lake with friends L & J, I cannot wait for a weekend of cooking (cannot wait to find fun things to cook - need a good egg bake for sure, so if you have one, please send it or post it), hanging out and just spending time with good friends!
Breakfast and Lunch - Yogurt, berries, lunch on the road
Dinner - Not sure yet, so far the food plan for the weekend is turkey chili, an egg bake, fruit and other snack goodies.

Saturday and Sunday
Plans - The lake.

For more meal plans and links to recipes, check out the orgjunkie!

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