Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Christmas Decor 2013 - A Little Late

We finally got all of our holiday decor down this past weekend. The house feels so empty and lonely, I am probably the only one that feels that way, but I just love the twinkle of the Christmas lights and the tree. I know I didn't get to post our holiday decor during the holidays, but I like to have it documented so that I can look back on past years and remember what we did. We did change things up a little this year, and we also got rid of a ton of stuff. 

In the dining room we kept things kind of simple with mercury glass candle holders and one of my new favorite things that I found at Home Goods this year was were these silver ice skates, so fun!

I added some decor to the two shelves in the dining room as well. Now I have to figure what to put on them going forward, I know we have a couple of water globes. 

Our photo wall got lots of use throughout the season. Between neighbors, family and friends, we had a lot of fun posing with the lights, it was very festive and I will definitely be doing this again. 

This is Stella's tree. At least that is what we call it. I found some red and white pom pom garland this year and had a cute red and white tree skirt. The vase I bought on clearance at the end of the season at Target last year. I love the cable sweater look and just added some gold ornamental seasonal flowers. 

The tree before my sister and her family got to our house with their presents.

This was one of my favorite things I did this year. I found the basket at Home Goods and added the birch bark logs, the white LED lights and the greenery with berries. It looks so pretty all lit up in the sitting room. I think I will keep it through the winter, but just change the bow. 

I love my Snowbabies, and my collection seems to grow a little each year. I just love the way they look in the built ins with the white trees. My parents gave me three or four more for Christmas this year. We have quite a few ornaments on the tree as well. 

On the other side, we have some vintage items as well as some other favorite Christmas decorations. I have lights throughout so that they can be back lit. 

Love our tree!

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Jacky said...

Wow, your house looks amazin.