Monday, December 16, 2013

On the Menu Monday (MPM) - Week 51

We had a productive weekend and crossed a lot off of our Ta Da List which was nice. We didn't spend a ton of time at home, and the weather was not that great, but it was nice to get some of that shopping done. 
Friday we met friends downtown for the Hollidazzle parade. 
It is the last year that they are having the parade so we really wanted to make sure that we got down there for the parade this year. They are only doing the parades on Friday and Saturday nights now, so it was nice to get to squeeze this in. After we headed over to the Normandy Kitchen for dinner and it was so fun to have our own little dining room. 
Dinner was delicious as usual, absolutely love this place. I started with a house cocktail called the Normandy, num!
Saturday the boy had to work (this has been an ongoing theme for the past few weeks), so I ran out and did some errands, got a hair cut and then met the boy for a little grocery shopping before we dropped a car off. We went out for lunch, got a broken nail fixed and then we saw Dallas Buyers Club. We really liked the movie, very interesting and Matthew McConaughey was fabulous.  It is unbelievable the transformation that his body went through for this movie. We did a little shopping after, which I think was actually nice, because the stores were not quite as crowded, although we didn't go to the mall, just a stand alone store. It was nice to go home early though and just sit by the fire with my cat and catch up on some DVR. I LOVE Scandal, and we are finally caught up! 
Sunday we went over to the Bachman's Idea house and did a little shopping there too. I love all of the ideas that I get from the seasonal house that they decorate. These are some of my favorite shots. 

We grabbed some lunch and headed out for some more shopping. I love the Galleria this time of year, and we were lucky enough to run into some Victorian carolers. 

Have you ever helped fund a Kickstarter? I have done a few of them. One of my favorite ones was for a local restaurant that is moving to a new space and adding a second restaurant. It is such an awesome concept for a restaurant, we went there for my birthday this year and I absolutely fell in love with it. I cannot wait to see what the finished space is going to look like. 

This is just one of several courses that we had at their old space when we wee there to celebrate my birthday.

We have kind of a mixed week. I was supposed to be off until the end of the year but, projects are demanding time and attention. 

Plans - Home, work on cards
Breakfast and Lunch - Fruit, leftover chicken
Dinner - Breaded pork chops, I cannot tell you how excited I am for these, I don't think I have had pork chops in over 4 months! Squash and rice.

Plans - I am only working a half day, yahoo! And then I am so excited, I get four of the neighbor kids for the afternoon while their moms go out for a little shopping and happy hour! They are 1, 3, 3, and 5. Three girls and a boy. I have a craft planned, and then I am going to make cookies for us to decorate and then dinner, mad and cheese with cut up hot dogs, that sounds about right!
Breakfast and Lunch - fruit, yogurt, salad
Dinner - Steaks on the grill if the boy will shovel the deck, otherwise I will attempt to broil them, potatoes and asparagus with mushrooms. 

Plans - Home, wrap presents.
Breakfast and Lunch - Fruit, leftovers
Dinner - Turkey roast and broccoli

Plans - Screening of Wolf of Wall Street at Southdale
Breakfast - Fruit and Yogurt
Dinner - Out, we have not been to Tavern on France in a LONG time, I thought it might be a good place to try, but we will probably flip a coin as I think the boy is feeling Fuddruckers. 

Plans - So looking forward to this, a neighbors HH. All of our favorite neighbors and I am excited to make some fun appetizers and a fun holiday drink, menu to come. I love this season and opening up our home to friends and family. I am going to take most of the day off too if the work day allows it, nails at 3!
Breakfast and Lunch - More fruits nuts and yogurt or cottage cheese - I have been sticking to a pretty good regimen and it has been working. Because I have so many cheat meals this week I need to keep a good balance, I have continued to lose by maintaining good eating habits, need to try to keep it up during the holidays. 
Dinner - I will post our fun appetizers and signature cocktail later!

Plans - last minute shopping, hoping that we don't have too much. Friends for dinner.
Dinner - Fun menu to come!

Plans - Family friends get together at our house. We have been getting together with two of my mom's best friends and their kids, and their kids and now, scary enough, their kids, kids, kids. The first of that generation was just born a week ago, so, now my mom's best friend is a great grandma, oh my. 
Dinner - I am making pizza burgers, a recipe my mom gave me years ago that I make for things like this from time to time, I will post next week. Just so you know though, so not fancy and I LOVE these! We will have a bunch of apps and a signature cocktail as well, more to come in next weeks weekend recap. Cannot wait, no Santa this year, but we do a fun gift swap and no one (other than my family) has been here in three years so I am curious to see what they think of the changes! 

For more meal plans and links to recipes, check out the orgjunkie

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