Monday, December 09, 2013

On the Menu Monday (MPM) - Week 50

Wow, the final stretch, the last three weeks of the year, can't believe it is here so quickly. 
We had a really busy but fun weekend, especially with our annual holiday party. I took most of Friday off, ran errands, picked up last minute food items and did some Christmas shopping. I still have quite a bit to do, but I have been crossing stuff off of the Ta-Da list left and right. 
It has been bitterly cold here lately. Saturday we woke up to windchills at about -27. The whole country has really been hit hard with snow, ice and bone chilling temperatures. I think we were lucky that the majority of our guests actually made it. It was a smaller group this year, with quite a few last minute cancellations, but we had about 35 people. I did a photo wall complete with props, it was a lot of fun and will be used for a couple of other soirees yet this season. 
Of course, in the hub bub of getting things ready and entertaining guests, I always forget to take pictures. My sister said I need to put someone in charge of taking candids, I really need to remember to do so! I did take a couple of quick pictures before. My ensemble, LOVE these shoes!
Getting the food table ready!

We did a mixture of appetizers I purchased and things that we made, but it was a good mixture and almost all of the food went, which was the best part. One of our guests also brought potato knish's he made as well as smoked salmon, both were devoured! My Holiday Party Pinsperation Board can be found here
Appetizers I made - 
Ham with a trio of Mustard's (this was the boys idea, and it was a huge hit, we just served it as slices, and the mustard's were so good!)
Feta, kalmata, tomato, artichoke skewers
Salami, tomato, green olive, cheese skewers
Brie in puffed pastry, with almond fig jam
Smoky blue cheese dip
Roasted grape and rosemary bruschetta
Cranberry chili cheese spread
Cranberry cilantro dip
Crescent wrapped hot dogs (I make these instead of buying them, always a hit)

These are the appetizers I purchased -
Mini quiches
Mini beef wellington
Bacon wrapped short ribs
Veggies and dip
Meat tray
Cheese tray
Chex mix
Bbq meatballs
Rudolphs Tipsy Spritzer
Assorted Wine
Assorted Beer

Assorted Desserts

Sunday my mom and dad came for brunch, I made this Egg Bake with Hashbrowns. I added leftover peppers and broccoli from the previous nights veggie tray and also served the rest of the almond pear tart, which was delicious. I was actually hoping to have ham in it instead of bacon, but believe it or not, the ham was all gone! 

My sister and niece came over and we left the boys and headed out to see Oliver which was done by the local community theater. It was SO good, huge cast, just loved it! We did this last year for the first time, and saw Annie, I think we will make it a yearly tradition, we have such a good time. 

After we went to upgrade my sisters phone. The boy and I had done ours on Monday, we LOVE our new phones, so we got one for my sister too! Sprint had a special Cyber Monday deal and we were able to get the LG G2 for $49. Can't beat a $600 phone for $49, great deal! 

After, my sister and niece had to get home, but the rest of us headed out for dinner at Lord Fletchers. On a cold snowy Sunday evening, this is one of my favorite places to go. Roaring fire, dining room overlooking the lake, it is such a comfy atmosphere! They also have an amazing gingerbread house with little ones on each table. 

On with our week, last week I don't think we made it home before 8 once, between the terrible roads and weather, and just a ton of errands that needed to be run. This week we have a couple of holiday get togethers, and neighborhood bunco! I also have a few posts to catch up that I wanted to get posted last week!

Plans - Working remote today, so cold, terrible roads
Breakfast and Lunch - fruit, leftovers from Lord Fletchers
Dinner - Turkey chili, need to use up the leftover turkey we froze, did not get this made last week!

Plans - Bunco! Should be fun!
Breakfast and Lunch - fruit, cottage cheese, salad
Dinner - Bringing a snack to Bunco, I think I will bring some of the Cranberry Relish and Crackers

Plans - girls dinner out with friends Stayed home, neighbors and sister J for dinner
Breakfast and Lunch - fruit, yogurt, leftover chili
Dinner - Pittsburgh Blue, I am sure it will be steak  Turkey Lasagna Stew, I used ground turkey and ground turkey sausage. When we had this for dinner, I thought this was kind of bland, but the next day it was very good. I will definitely make this again. 

Plans - work holiday happy hour out the weather was yucky so the boy and I decided to take in a screening at the West End, Inside Llewelyn Davis
Breakfast and Lunch - fruit, cottage cheese, salad
Dinner - Out

Plans - We are heading out with three other couples for the Hollidazzle parade. This is the last year for the parade, and it looks like it is supposed to warm up to 20 that day :). Dinner will be out!
Breakfast and Lunch - fruit, yogurt, leftovers
Dinner - Out

Plans - Out with friendsWe wound up running errands, doing some shopping, going out to lunch and going to see Dallas Buyers Club. It was cold and wet out so we went home and made a fire. 
Dinner - I think we are going to the Normandy Kitchen, old school throwback, great food, love it! Didn't really have dinner, the boy threw in a pizza, we just hung out. 

Plans - Hoping to head out and do some shopping and catch a movie with the boy. I would really like to see Dallas Buyers Club as well as Nebraska.We just did shopping and grabbed lunch and headed home for a fire Got a lot of shopping done though. 
Dinner - Probably out, not a lot of cooking going on this week!

For more meal plans and links to recipes, check out the orgjunkie!

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